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Arakawa Under the Bridge episode 13 and final thoughts

The final episode (*sniff*) of the season introduces (huh?) three new nutters (HUH?), before the remaining ones decide that they want to visit – and build – a theme park. Only in Arakawa Land, eh…

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Arakawa Under the Bridge episode 12: Déjà Vu

Now this was what I was waiting for. The much anticipated evil daddy’s visit to the bridge village. I was wondering if we were ever going to see him there at all. Let alone, er, so much of him. Speaking of which, nice choice of underwear there evil daddy…

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Arakawa Under the Bridge episode 11: It’s all a bit Oedipal

This week we have proof that Riku clearly is a cut above the rest of us mere mortals (our fair Venusian aside), as we see from this week’s opening sequence, where he remembers being born. And if you think he looked cute then, you should see him later in his charcoal grey designer suit. And […]

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Arakawa Under the Bridge Episodes 9 and 10: The masks are off! And on! And…melting?!

Having stepped into some very big shoes, I’ll now try and take my first episodic blogging steps in them without tripping and falling flat on my arse. (You have been warned.) That is, having received the blessing of our favourite currently deployed, downloadless and beerless sailor, I am taking over from where Crusader left off […]

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“Advanced” Final impressions of spring 2010 – T.H.A.T’s fortune tellers speak

That is what you will feel after reading this Mystlord and me were discussing about making midseason reviews for all the series we watched. You know the drill, we write how we find an anime series is so darn awesome/atrocious that we go into total fits why everyone else should like it or that it’s […]

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Arakawa Under the Bridge: Hana’s shoujo interpretation

Arakawa Under the Bridge Now this was a surprise. I knew nothing about gag-manga (except that the tag sounded a bit dodgy), so I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, I remember seeing the promo pic for the anime series and being immediately taken in by the colour and the character designs. Not least of […]

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Arakawa Under the Bridge 04: First Date, First FIGHT…

Good and you better use all three of those hours wisely Riku… I was sorely disappointed that Nino did not wear that dress for their first dayto, even if they wanted to do some Kung Fu there is no reason why Nino could not have altered her dress for a fight in the same manner […]

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Arakawa Under the Bridge – 03: Tell All Confessional

Speak for yourself Riku… When you have to live in a squad bay you’d wish you could be alone. Poverty isn’t a funny thing but SHAFT seems to have side stepped the problem by just making them all weirdos that live by the river. Riku might be the richest guy there but like some slow […]

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Arakawa Under the Bridge 01-02: Coup de Main

This guy’s worse that Kou Uraki… Also don’t assume that assaulting a bridge means you sexually assault it… While it seems that not much is clicking with me immediately this season Arakawa Under the Bridge is proving to be unexpectedly enjoyable, not because that SHAFT sucks or anything but for their productions just weren’t all […]

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