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Girls und Panzer – 05: The Fifth Freedom

Since Maid cafes seem to be dying out in the US I hope we get a panzer café fad going. After all you can’t possibly construe panzers as degrading, and who wouldn’t want to smell the sweet scent of cordite and motor oil while eating cake? Saori seems to be a fan and Mako can’t […]

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Girls und Panzer Tank Primer pt 2: the St. Glorianna team

In this second part of my tank primer series, we cover the St. Glorianna team, which fields a Churchill and 4 Matilda mk. II’s. Starting with the team’s lead tank, the Churchill Mk IV. The Churchill is an infantry support tank, originally designed with WWI specifications in mind. Even though the IV is slightly improved […]

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A closer look at Tank Tactics in Girls und Panzer: St. Glorianna vs. Ooarai

           Hello and welcome to the second of two series of posts I plan to be doing on the show “Girls und Panzer”, this one will take a closer look at the tank battles in the show and how I felt they handled them tactically. This first post will be a […]

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Girls und Panzer – 04: Tanks Over Flowers

As I had foreseen, the Ooari tanks were driven from the field by St. Gloriana. I could not be happier that the gaudy paint schemes on the Oorai tanks were the instrument of their demise along with Mom’s horrendous aim. Team Teapot saw the StuG III a mile away, any hope of a stealthy ambush […]

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Early War Armor: a primer on Tanks in the view of “Girls Und Panzer” pt. 1

Hello and welcome to what I hope will be the start to a series of posts (to be put up somewhere) on the tanks and battle tactics shown in the series of “Girls und panzer”. This will be done with two different series each split into several parts, these primer posts focusing on the tank […]

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Girls und Panzer – 03: Panzer Melee

No one is going to mistake this mock battle for Pegasus Bridge, but Mako had the right of it in that it wasn’t so much that Kampfgruppe Miho won but that everyone else lost. Ami was just far too kind to rip her rookies, but their overall combat performance was awful. I can forgive the […]

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Girls und Panzer – 02: The Great Panzer Fetch Quest

There are times when I wish you really could just find reparable tanks just about anywhere, but the sad reality is that knocked out tanks are very prone to have unexploded ordinance in their hulls. Thankfully the Great Tank Fetch Quest ended with everyone in one piece and while they Type 89 is barely worth […]

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Girls und Panzer – 01: Kampfgruppe Miho

Anytime you have tanks in anime it certainly gets my attention, add in a bit of implied yuri in an all-girls school and at least on paper this is my kind of show. So far it hasn’t disappointed me too much. Still I think that they need to get rid of that Type 89, we […]

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Tonari no Kabutsu-kun – 01: Comedy of Miscues

Well the fall season has started and already we have some meaty discussion about a shoujo show. It’s odd in a way shoujo doesn’t get a whole lot of exposure in comparison to other genres so it is rather unfortunate that the most buzz this show gets is from a rape joke and things boiling […]

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Tari Tari – 13 (Final): Immaculate Confession?

I am going to miss Tari Tari, it wasn’t the most drama filled show of the season but it was oddly relaxing and mostly feel good. The last episode concluded things rather nicely and overall this show was consistent, there was to be no miracle to save the school and the replacement school festival wasn’t […]

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