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Tari Tari – 12: The Velvet Underground

I guess there is no low that the landlord will not stoop to, it’s such a shame that Sawa can’t trample him to death after riding him down. It’s bad enough he’s taking down the school, but now he’s stealing building material and taking their lunch money. If the bastard gets strung up on a […]

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Tari Tari 10- 11: Winningest Wein

Wein had is day in the sun and while most of the Shopping District Ranger act was goofy and silly, at least it was fun, even if the Choral Club was dying to rat them out. Quite why the Choral Club needs to worry about what others are doing is beyond me but the bitch […]

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Tari Tari – 09: Heroes Wanted

Wein steps up to the plate and seizes the mantle of Red Ranger. I am a bit bewildered by why they don’t go into a childhood memory for Wein off the bat but maybe he has more baggage than meets the eye. I suspect that Jan could be very ill or if nothing else seems […]

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Tari Tari – 08: What Happens to a Dream Deferred?

Sawa recovers physically from getting thrown off her horse, but she desperately needed an attitude adjustment. Thankfully Wakana was able to salvage one in a single episode, but I also have to credit Sawa’s dad for condemning a stuffy admissions officer to the Buddhist hells. I think that there are times that we react to […]

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Tari Tari – 07: Foolhardy Woman of Determination

Wakana is readjusting nicely to her new leadership and mentor role in the choir club, but Sawa’s determination to achieve her dreams leads her to foolishness. I had hoped that Sawa would have had a more solid plan on reaching her goals but it seems that she really did not think this one completely through. […]

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Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon episode 05 – Horizon On Three Minutes of Past Viewing (Part of the Horizon On Tits Project)

My reaction too. When 8dayswithout me started recruiting people to blog an episode each of Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon on her blog, Gar Gar Stegosaurus, I signed up to see what fun I could have with it. I’ve previously only watched approximately the first three minutes of the first season of the show before I dropped […]

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Tari Tari 05-06: Life After Death

Well between the weekend outage, two lost credit cards, a failed bid to buy a house, and a job rotation change I am certain that I am not dead though I do feel like a bit of a zombie. My woes however were nothing compared to the heartache Wakana had to go through. I wanted […]

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Tari Tari – 04: Setting Aside Childish Things

So the Legend of Mahiru continues to grow as three singers from the West come to see Mahiru’s child. Not only does Mahiru have celebrity friends she also was responsible for a one hit wonder. Sadly it seems that Wakana is not too keen about trying to live up to her mother’s legacy. Certainly the […]

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Muv Luv Alternative – Total Eclipse – 03: TSF 0083 Plus

So now that Kyoto has been reduced to rubble and ruin it only seems proper that the UN get its shit together now that almost all of Eurasia has been lost. I am doing my best to avoid spoilers and the like and as a green horn I cannot understand how having a Top Gun […]

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Tari Tari – 03: No Money

I guess Wakana is going to take a long while before she fully embraces her new friends, but quite why she is so apprehensive is a mystery though hopefully it will end soon. In the mean time she seems to have gained a new stalker who is likely an old friend of her mother’s. Unfortunately […]

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