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Uraboku: A Mildly Sarcastic Retrospective

The main “couple.” So Uraboku has ended without resolving much of anything. The Average Anime Viewer might see this as an insult or a cop out, depending on his optimism (because the average is always male, don’t you know). But are any of us really, truly surprised? This show was made to appeal to a […]

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Uraboku 14 — Have Some Subtext, Won’t You? A Parody in Two Parts

Presenting, for your enjoyment and consideration, a Chronolynx production: Uraboku 14—Between the Lines. Starring the cast of Uraboku as: themselves. In which the subtext becomes text, and the author vents his frustrations.

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Uraboku Episode 9: I smell a conspiracy here~

The world is beautiful and life is wonderful~ Are you listening to this, Dr. Freebird? Looks like you found your protege…or not. If you guys are wondering where the heck I am for the past 2 weeks (Or not, T_T), I was on a date with Youtube, watching all sorts of videos and writing fanfictions […]

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Uraboku 05: I think we have a Shizuo wannabe here…

Blonde hair? Check. Same seiyuu? Check. Short fuse? Check. Now, all we need is a bartender suit and a pair of sunglasses and he’ll be on his way to cosplay as Shizuo Heiwajima. Huh? No need to cosplay, he’s just Shizuo in disguise! With the introductory arc done, we are ready to move on into […]

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