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“Advanced” Final impressions of spring 2010 – T.H.A.T’s fortune tellers speak

That is what you will feel after reading this Mystlord and me were discussing about making midseason reviews for all the series we watched. You know the drill, we write how we find an anime series is so darn awesome/atrocious that we go into total fits why everyone else should like it or that it’s […]

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Hacookie Episode 9 – The Shinsegumi is …

Who let the crazies out? Who! Who!! Who!!! After a slight detour last episode, we go straight back into the serious stuff in Episode 9. What will happen when a certain incident threatens the disintegration of the Shinsegumi?

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Hacookie Episode 8 – Chizuru becomes ….a woman?

If anything, this is probably the sleeper hit of this season. I am not sure why everyone is not watching this. Is it the fact that people feel threatened with their masculinity if they watch a show filled with bishies? There’s actually a pretty interesting plot in this series, and it’s a huge pity that […]

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