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Angel Beats! 13 and Review

And suddenly the heart beat makes so much more sense… Mystlord: And thus Angel Beats! ends… And what a ride it’s been. The show has certainly generated some extremely divisive views, and judging from general responses on Twitter, there’s certainly just as much backlash and praise for how the show ended (I personally try not […]

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Angel Beats! 12 – I’m Going to Emulate the Angel Beats Writers!

Seriously… Because I felt that this week’s episode was just a crazy mix of everything, I’m going to let loose this week and just write a jumble of thoughts. Normally I have a central thought that guides my writing, but this week I’ll try this with no structure – just a giant mind dump. Here […]

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Angel Beats 11 – Now with Even More Inconsistency!

Truest statement ever made in this anime Why do I even bother with you anymore Angel Beats! Your plot has me engrossed, but I’m even starting to find that really frustrating. At least there’s only one more episode of it left… Let’s see how MJ will wrap everything up in one episode! It honestly seems […]

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“Advanced” Final impressions of spring 2010 – T.H.A.T’s fortune tellers speak

That is what you will feel after reading this Mystlord and me were discussing about making midseason reviews for all the series we watched. You know the drill, we write how we find an anime series is so darn awesome/atrocious that we go into total fits why everyone else should like it or that it’s […]

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Angel Beats 10 – The Formula Revealed!

No real relevance, it’s just not an Angel Beats! post without a TK picture! There are times when Key’s work becomes so formulaic that it’s hard to be surprised at what they’re going to throw at us next. This is one of those times. I had my suspicions back in episode 3 when Iwasawa disappeared, […]

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Angel Beats 9 – Don’t Do It Maeda Jun!

Don’t do it!!!!! Warning: Spoilers for Rebuild of Evangelion 2.22 near the end I will start off by saying that Angel Beats Episode 9 is pretty much the best episode of the series to date. A believable story, good background information on Otonashi, not mixing in humor with drama… Check, check, check. Good job guys! […]

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