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Manga Review: Tomoyo After: Dear Shining Memories

This has been a slow summer for me anime-wise, with not much new that has kept my attention. So, I’ve been using this chance to catch up on some of my backlog, marathoning older shows and reading lots of manga. If you read our fall preview, you may have noticed that I have recently become […]

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Doubt – Wolf in rabbit's clothing

The Horror of Horror Well-executed horror stories are rare gems. I’ll admit that I’m no authority on the subject (ergo a quick departure from anime and manga as the centerpiece of discussion), but these days it’s just so damned hard to find a good horror movie that I practically trip over myself on the way […]

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Boku no Hatsukoi o Kimi ni Sasagu Review – I cried.

Life is a fragile thing. We often procrastinate and think that something that can be done today can be done tomorrow. Time, to most of us, is an object that is hardly precious since we have so much time that we can afford to lose part of it. However, when time is the one who […]

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New mangas to pay attention in 2008

Why a Kotomi pic? Because I can. Daily, the manga market gets spammed with new works, ranging from one-shots, serializations or volumes; some will have some success, some will be best sellers and some will die, forgotten in the middle of the works that surpass them. A few years back, who thought that mangas like […]

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Manga Bites: Deadman Wonderland

A sadist, a con man, a tsun, a wuss and a crazy chick…the usual. I hate you Sony. Why you allowed Final Fantasy 7:Crisis Core and Wild Arms XF to be released at the same time!Do you realize how many lives (and free time)have you destroyed? Game whining apart, this time I present to you […]

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Vampire Knight chapter 38

Most of you will be wondering what I was doing when I’m absent from THAT for the past few weeks. Well, I’m like Kon at the picture below: School has not been always the most favourite place to go, but I’m ‘forced’ to because it’s for my sake and future. I’m quite busy with school, […]

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Manga Bites: My Lovely Ghost Kana

A ghost is fine too. Whenever you read a manga which is tagged “Slice of Life”, it’s almost guaranteed that you will learn a lesson about life. That happened with me when I’ve read Aqua/Aria and Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou. Now, the same thing happened with My Lovely Ghost Kana, a ecchii romantic manga by Yukata […]

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Manga Bites: Omamori Himari

This isn’t Shana. Notice she doesn’t have a melon-pan. Some mangas are missleading. For example, Elfen Lied manga looks dreadful at the first sight but his subpar artwork is offuscated by the storyline and appeal of the characters. Others, like 666 Satan, looks like a decent shounen but it reveals itself at a lame clone […]

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Manga Bites: Shinseiki Evangelion – Gakuen Datenroku

I wouldn’t be surprised if Shinji shoots his head and summons Eva-01… This was the year of ’96. I barely had entered my teen years and the only decent stuff on public TV was Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin) and animes like Tenchi Muyo and Lost Galaxy. Then, without any kind of advertizing, a new anime […]

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Manga Review: Dogs – Bullets & Carnage

Don’t mind the eyepatch guy trying to seduce you. Mihai, the retired hitman looking for peace; Badou, the freelancer and nicotin addict coward; Naoto, the blade maiden looking for revenge; Haine, the immortal and albino guy tormented his past. In a world haunted by the mistakes inherited from “the golden age of technology”, these four […]

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