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All Heil Pain!

Naruto is one of the most frustrating and at the same time enjoyable Mangas I’ve ever read; frustrating because of its weak lead character, Naruto, and enjoyable because of its amazing storyline, character development and battles. I didn’t know where to start on this one. As you all know Pein-sama is fighting Jiraya so naturally […]

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Manga Review: Übel Blatt

Köinzell may look emo, but he prefers to slit your throat than his wrists. When Wischtech threatened to invade the Empire of Szaalanden, the Emperor formed a party of 14 young warriors, armed them with Holy Lances and dispatched them on a mission to stop the invasion. 3 died on the way and they were […]

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Manga Review: Mysterious Girlfriend X

Never provoke a girl armed with scissors. “Open your mouth.” , says Urabe, the new girl in Tsubaki’s class. And then she licks her finger and sticks into Tsubaki’s mouth. This is the daily routine that Urabe and Tsubaki have, the oddest couple you will see. That’s because Tsubaki is addicted into her saliva and […]

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Manga Review: Bitter Virgin

A face that hides scars that can never heal. “When I was in junior high I was sexually abused by my stepfather, I got pregnant, and then I had an abortion.” These words were engrained in the mind of the high schooler Suwa Daisuke. Wasn’t bad already he heard then by chance, when he hid […]

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Manga Review: Bleach 283, Naruto 362, One Piece 463

I sleep way too much. First week only, and I’ve already missed 7 hours worth of lectures. Good thing they’re recorded, so hopefully I’ll have the will power to listen to them over the weekend.

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Manga Review: Bleach 282, Naruto 361, One Piece 462

Uni is starting again! Oh noes *sad face*. I will try my best to make these posts as on time as possible (this one is about a week late) and to not miss any. Bleach 282 Halbel and her officers watch Grimmjaw and Ichigo fight from a distant; as the officers banter back and forth, […]

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To-Love-Ru Chapter 53-54 – “Sairenji, is there someone that you like?

Sorry Crusader but, I’m going to have to combo-break your streak of posts with this little post. =P With my school semester just starting again and the pile of work that seems to be stacking up endlessly in front of me, I’ve decided to write a small manga review while I catch up on Zero […]

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Manga First Impression – Jun'ai Tokkou Taichou by Shizuru Seino

The author of Power!! (called Girl Got Game by the English licensee) brings to us another high octane romantic comedy with plenty of mis-understanding, abnormal girls and really, really funny faces. She needs to wear a bell, not because it would be cute, but because people needs to know when she’s around

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Manga Review: Bleach 281, Naruto 360, One Piece 461

Exams is finally over so I’m back on track. Sorry for skipping two weeks, but I’m going to make up for it by making this week’s post really awesome*. Bleach 281 After seeing Ichigo’s Vaizard form, Orihime is a little shaken. Ichigo apologises to her, and reassures her that he will immediately take care of […]

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Bleach 278, Naruto 357 and One Piece 459

Because I’ve got exams coming up this post will be super brief. Bleach 278 Kind of surprised that Grimmjaw isn’t at all scared of Ulqiorra, considering how great the difference in their abilities should be. Other than that, it’s nice to see that Ulqiorra DOES display emotion, and I’m looking forward to the fight next […]

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