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Sailor Moon 13-18: A Most Rabid and Unscrupulous Mazinger Z Fan

JADITE SMASH! So after crashing Ami and Rei’s yuri dayto Jadite is castigated as being full of lose and fail. Queen Beryl gives him one last chance to redeem himself by defeating the Sailor Senshi and to that end in a fit of incompetence and cartoon evil Jadite merely threatens to raze Juban to the […]

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Sailor Moon 06-12: Getting FRIENDLY

Too bad she did not realize the song was meant only for her… I am pleasantly surprised at how much the humor still comes through though it might be because fickle memory makes it all funny again. I can’t recall the last time I saw Nori Wakamoto in a shoujo production and his voice is […]

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Sailor Moon 01-05: In the Name of the Moon…

That is a weird looking mosque. In my continuing quest to do dumb things to slay boredom I have decided to watch Sailor Moon and will try and keep up with it up until R before skipping to Super S as I do not own a real copy of Sailor Moon S. Any one willing […]

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