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Amagami SS episode 25 – The Risa Mini-Arc and Final Thoughts on Amagami

Delayed a bit by travel, I recently sat down to watch the final (non-BD extra) episode of Amagami SS and think about the series as a whole. There’s a final mini-arc with Risa as the female protagonist, something a bit unexpected but nonetheless interesting. Amagami has been a fun time overall though at times a […]

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Amagami SS ep 24, Tsukasa arc part IV – One Arc to Rule Them All

Thus concludes what I consider to be far and away the best arc of the series. My old favorite, the Haruka arc, has been dethroned by Ayatsuji Tsukasa. The story was dramatic, funny, cute, and well written. It didn’t feel like there was a wasted or slow episode in this one. My faith in Tsukasa […]

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Amagami SS episode 23, Tsukasa arc part III – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Much like in the film I referred to, I prefer the Bad. The Tsukasa arc is definitely bringing the drama. Tsukasa breaking form to publicly display her bad side, strangely good Tsukasa showing up after some sort of (self-imposed?) multiple personality disorder, and ugly dissenting classmates springing up when the work for the festival needs […]

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Amagami SS ep 22, Tsukasa arc part II – Phase Shift

(If you’re reading this ghostlightning, I did just make a SEED reference. Your haterade brought it out in me!) Continuing on from the cliffhanger ending last week the second Tsukasa arc episode changes the tone a bit. While it’s probably a more sustainable way to run an arc, it did feel a little weird seeing […]

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Amagami SS episode 21, Tsukasa arc part I – Ayatsuji Tsukasa Will F***ing Kill You!

The Queen has come to lift us up (by our ties)! With anger and drama until the end! Who could ever doubt? We have faith! The long awaited (and my most anticipated, personally) Tsukasa arc is upon us, and after a fairly average first part of the episode comes DAT ENDING. It seems that the […]

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On Protracted Conflict: Lessons Learned for the Osananajimi

With grand performances in Amagami SS and Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai, this has been quite the strong season for the osananajimi/childhood friend. Given the previous work done in strategic and operational doctrine for both shoujo/josei and the aspiring suitor here at THAT, I’m here attempting to contribute to this body […]

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Amagami SS episode 20, Rihoko arc part IV – The Long War

After some delay of the subs for episode 20 due to some sort of raws DORAMA, we have the conclusion to the Rihoko arc. (A note on subs, the TL is accurate for the [GRUNNER] subs, however there are 3 or 4 simple lines that didn’t have subs and 1 or 2 timing mistakes. [UTW] […]

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Amagami SS episode 19, Rihoko arc part III – Rihoko Attack

Kimi wa dare to kissu wo suru? I expect this to be the next Sea Slugs poll. Having accomplished so much in the first two episodes, this time the Rihoko arc took it easy and wrapped up almost all the sidestories going on and got everything ready for the conclusion next week. There was also […]

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Amagami SS episode 18, Rihoko arc part II – We’re Gonna Make Him An Offer He Can’t Refuse

. It is almost hard to believe, coming on the heels of the disastrous Ai arc, the things are going so exceptionally well in the Rihoko arc. But they are! Rihoko continues to act as the central character, or at least as a co-protagonist with Junichi mark V to great results. In a way, it’s […]

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Amagami SS episode 17, Rihoko arc part I – The Ai Arc is Dead! Long Live the Rihoko Arc!

My fellow Anime-ians, our long Amagami nightmare is over. Our arc makes sense again; our great Amagami is a show of light romance and comedy and not of incoherent plot. Here the fun and coherency rules. And there is a higher purpose for this show, whatever we may imagine it as, that ordains not only […]

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