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Anime and ‘the uncanny': case studies on Shiki and Another

Creepy. Even if you’ve only seen the opening episodes of Shiki (Autumn, 2010) or Another (Winter, 2012), the chances are that you’ll have noticed the distinctly creepy atmosphere in both series. Clearly, these are horror shows, but I think that both particularly excel (albeit, in differing degrees) at creating and sustaining genuinely unsettling feelings within […]

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Threat Analysis: Shiki

TOP SECRET – Key Findings of the Northeast Asia Section, National Paranormal Intelligence Agency – TOP SECRET The following is the findings concerning the survivors of the Sotoba Shiki Group (SSG) and recommendations for further action. We assess that the SSG poses a severe threat to state security and the civilian population in Japan and […]

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Shiki Full Review: Mysteries left hanging…

YAY! Down with Sotoba! So long, stinkin’ village putting everyone’s lives on the miserable line! So, it’s the end of Shiki, isn’t it? I’m gonna miss writing this weekly, despite my lazy side trying to pull me away from writing an episodic review whenever an episode is available. But seriously, this series needs more love. […]

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Shiki Episode 22 (END): They lived.

This will not end well. It’s Christmas last week, so now we have the New Year this week. And thanks to fellow commenter dude, Shiki is supposed to have another 2 episodes that is coming with the DVD set in May 2011 (Indicated as episodes 20.5 and 21.5. Probably will shed some light on what […]

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Shiki Episode 21: The good, the ugly and the bastards.

Chizuko is ready for anything. Yes, even a Shiki attack. Random Visitor: RV, what took you so long to get Shiki episode 21’s review done? RV: Christmas, duh! It’s Boxing Day (or Hangover Day if you have too much alcohol to drink) and I hope that you guys enjoyed Christmas. We still have 364 days […]

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Shiki Episode 20: Tomio Ookawa saves the day!

I, Tomio Ookawa, swears to kill every Shiki around, even if it means killing my useless son. (This is written before I began watching this week’s episode, no spoilers.) If you’re wondering why this took longer than the rest… I decided to procrastinate a bit this week and because Christmas’s next week…well my family doesn’t […]

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Shiki Episode 19: The Humans Strike Back.

Before we get into the real (and edgier) thing let Hayami gives you something happy to watch: A Candy Bar That Is Able to Stand On Itself!!!! Sorry for the somewhat late post. Wasn’t feeling very too well this week with bouts of diarrhea, coughs, cramps, more than 10 hours of sleep daily and the […]

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Shiki Episode 18: Toshio’s Counterattack

She’s going to realize who killed her son very soon… All right, this is IT. After 17 episodes of crazy happenings in Sotoba with all that slash and death, it is time for Doctor Toshio Ozaki to take his bold move to expose the existence Shiki to the whole worl—I mean, village despite being in […]

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Shiki Episode 17: No social services, Shikis, no social services, deaths, no goddamn social services.

Ritsuko is crying for all your sins stupidity, villagers of Sotoba! The title is a.k.a.: Wow, like any other typical Japanese work there are no social services and psychologists to help people who needed the most help. WOW. After 16 episodes, I realize that despite all the shortcomings for the human villagers in Sotoba, shockingly […]

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Shiki Episode 16: There are so many hope spots in here. *sparkles*

Mummy, where are you? ;___; My first week of vacation turns out to be a bore, unexpectedly. I’m just too lazy to complete my AFAX 2010 report and out of nowhere I’m starting a new fanfic (of course it’s not yaoi, you shallow-minded people who only thinks that fanfics=yaoi/slash/full of Mary Sues), so that leaves […]

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