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Shiki Episode 15: I. Am. Alive.

I’m a real killer. You (Seishin) are not. Sorry for the late post, but finally I’m done. So Toshio killed his wife in order—(KNOCKOUT) MUAHAHAHA! We, the Sotoba Funeral Home have taken over this blog! We killed Kaori and Akira Tanaka’s father, as well as Atsushi Ookawa, didn’t we? Well, we have decided to give […]

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Shiki Episode 14: The depression continues.

He’s breaking it, he’s brrrreaking it. Well, with Natsuno out of the picture for the time being (or probably not), the only reasons why I’m only staying behind and watch the remaining episodes until the end (probably they would need a second season for this. I doubt they could cover everything from the novel, and […]

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Shiki Episode 13: God damn it, noitaminA???

Erm…that’s IT? Blame noitaminA for dragging this post a week later than expected. Did Fuji TV and animation studios under the noitaminA time slot (I was expecting Kuragehime to show up too, along with Shiki but in the end the channel screwed up) get into some sort of heated argument, like what they did with […]

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Shiki Episodes 11 & 12: Note to self – get some anti-vampire spray at a store downstairs later.

The true face of a female blogger who goes ga-ga over deadlines and nukes cynicism of those around her. Sorry for not updating (lots of work to do, adrenaline pumping every second of my life with the large stack of work shoving towards my classmates and I every few sec—) and this time I’ll be […]

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Shiki Episode 10: 101 Sotoba Survivalist Guide: No rest for Natsuno. And his father.

I didn’t know that Natsuno has super vision, being able to see through walls or anything. After all, he’s a Vampire Hunter. Changed my usual hairstyle a bit, with the help of my mother making most of the changes. Feel like being a little lazy during the weekend, unfortunately for me, I fail to procrastinate […]

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Shiki Episode 09: Sotoba Survivalist Guide 101: Mother-in-laws are scary. So are vampires.

Hi, Seishin Muroi. My name is Megumi Shimizu. I am a vampire. Prepare to die. I got to count myself very lucky that I managed to watch this week’s episode of Shiki and reviewed, since my internet on my side is becoming more of a dick for two weeks now. (and counting, but I’m begging […]

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Shiki Episode 08: Sotoba Survivalist Guide 101: Never let anyone into your house. Ever.

I’m afraid you forgot that this zombie vampire is out to get you for increasing taxes. I apologize once again for being late at posting this, since there’s so much uncompleted homework left to be done and my obsession with a certain free RPG game (Go read the comments of previous episode reviews to find […]

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Shiki Episode 07: 101 Sotoba Survivalist Guide: Sotoba Grave Digging Services, brought to you by Natsuno Yuuki.

Natsuno: It’s a great idea. Don’t you think? Better than playing dumb in this stupid village. Had a crappy week, this means I have to spend less time lurking on the Internet, or else my grades will spiral down before you can say ‘vampires’ on the internet. Also, I’m suffering some sort of inferiority complex […]

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Shiki Episode 6: 101 Sotoba Survivalist Guide: Watch horror-comedy movies with a family in mourning.

Oh, hello there. I’ll suck your blood right away! Sign my copy of your book, Muroi-san, before I do something nasty! Things slowed down a little this week, especially when the Youth Olympic Games are being held in my tiny little home Singapore for the next 12 days. Let’s hope the rainy weather here doesn’t […]

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Shiki Episode 5: 101 Survivalist Guide: The many faces of Murasako Masao.

So long, R.I.P. Mutou Toru. Or is it? Pardon me for the sloppy work in this week’s episode of Shiki. Apparently I’ve caught the summer heat (Just like anyone else in the show, but don’t worry, I won’t die like our victims here.) and with my plaguing stomach worsening my condition, I’m not feeling too […]

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