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Shiki Episode 4: 101 Sotoba Survivalist Guide: Never Underestimate the power of Insect Bites.

A creative metaphor for blood? Sweet! (Lame pun not intended.) After a rainy and quick week of never-ending assignments, with several essays I have yet started, a rather tough week and falling down on my sad bum, episode four shows us how it takes for the villagers to stay alive. It’s killed, or be killed […]

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Shiki Episode 3: So dude, there’s yaoi here too?

Here comes Sadako Sawako Sunako Kirishiki, the resident creepy girl in Sotoba. I apologize that I took longer than expected writing this review in a haste. (Only got the subs a few minutes ago). So many changes to adapt in my new school and I have to heed my principal studies lecturer’s instructions on relaxing […]

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Shiki episode 2: An epidemic? Or something entirely different?

To Natsuno: At least they did not give you more feminine-sounding names like Mayu, Aiko or Hanako. Okay, so I have decided. I will post episodic reviews of Shiki weekly (every Friday to be exact) despite my tight school schedules during the opening school term. I’ll do my best to get this done every week […]

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Shiki – The main highlight for Summer 2010

Instead of showing a picture of people dying, skeletons or blood, let me show you a picture of a cow to keep your minds away from the increasing death toll this series has to offer. From here onwards, anyone can DIE. After years of anticipation, the series written by Fuyumi Ono, also the author of […]

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