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Occult Academy episode 13 [final]: The Last Spoonbender

T___T Wow. Turns out this rollercoaster had another few loops and twists along the way before we were finally let off of it. Here, for the last time, are my impressions of the ride…

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Occult Academy episode 12: You Sunk My Battle Cat

For the love of God, someone tell me where I can get one of these. Last week set the bar high after giving us a powered-up roller coaster of an epi with more surprises and mood swings than a schizophrenic magical girl. So, did this week’s penultimate part two deliver? In short, yes. In not […]

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Occult Academy episode 11: Let It Blow Your Mind

Possibly her scariest face yet… Woooah. Clearly this epi was brought to us by Team Awesome. In fact, rather than just having a new direction, it felt like an entirely new show. In a good way, of course. In a Seriously. Good. Way. By the way, those of you who may have jumped ship mid-way […]

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Occult Academy episode 10: All I Want For Kurismasu

Smile + blush = cute. Bye bye, Akari; hello, plot. Yes, you heard right. As I’m sure pretty much all of you guessed correctly, this epi was all about the laying to rest of at least one ghost, before, mercifully, resurrecting another. Yes, it looks like that elusive main plot ain’t quite dead after all […]

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Occult Academy episode 9: We see dead people…

…and they’re really cute. This week’s Occult Academy was a surprise. Oh yes. With only 4 epis to go, it looks like they’ve actually found the Nostradamus Key. Okay, maybe not. Instead, with only 4 epis to go, they’re actually in the middle of another completely unrelated two-parter. Hrrmm. But does that mean this epi […]

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Occult Academy episode 8: It’s Clobbering Time!

Pfft, they obviously weren’t holding that spanner, those dowsing rods, that nail gun and, er, that spanner… A bit of a strange epi this week. Highly entertaining, with some of the best comedy and dramatic moments yet, but strange nonetheless. One the one hand, we have frosty silences, shower scenes, pouting, cattle mutilation, potential duelling, […]

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Occult Academy episode 7: Real Men Don’t Blink

Uchida, take note; this is what a real man looks like. Wow. I almost feel bad for saying in my last post that Japanese kids don’t get beaten enough. In this epi we get not one, but two slaps (well, three, if you include the one in Maya’s flashback of Uchida’s flashback. Actually, four, if […]

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Occult Academy episode 6: Kozue Should’ve Gone to Specsavers.

Ami is fast becoming a contender for my second favourite character in this show Another day at the school for all things occultish brings us more occult references than you can shake a fake Mothman wing at, as Maya, Ami and co. outdo themselves in their attempts to bring down Kozue’s inexplicable barrier of indifference […]

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Occult Academy episode 5: The Rise and Falls of Kozue

Not really, I’m kinda distracted by the mummy. At first, I have to say that my heart sank a little when I realised that this epi was going to focus on Kozue. Sure, I could see it coming, given the previous foreshadowing about how kooky her character is and how she’s always going off by […]

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Occult Academy episode 4: Put Your Spanners On!

He’s bee-hiiind you! YAY! Maya’s back!! In short, this epi was all kinds of Win. And all kinds of . And . And LOL. And @_@. And . And T__T. And EH?! Observe…

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