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Clayr's Comics

I asked for permission from one-of-the-Clayr in DeviantArt if I could possibly feature her comics here in THAT and she graciously agreed. I originally saw her works over at Bleach Forums where she goes by the name of Abhorsen and they made laugh so hard! Comic relief indeed~ She mainly does Bleach and Naruto and […]

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Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles Preview Trailer

Here’s a really short 18 second trailer of Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles which doesn’t actually show much of anything. Although they do kinda spoil Sasuke’s new outfit by a bit.

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Naruto & Gamakichi JUMP Poster

I found this piece of Naruto promo art on LeafNinja and it is a post-timeskip Naruto sitting on a grown-up Gamakichi (reminds me of Kiba and Akamaru). This artwork is a fold-out poster from the latest Jump issue so if it’s true then it will be nice to see Naruto summon the bigger Gamakichi to […]

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Because it's Hate that makes the world go round: Sakura Haruno from Naruto

Chapter 319 is pretty old, but I just read it again in volume 35 of the tankoubans. The following 4 pages from this chapter reminded me of why I hate Sakura so much. Click on a thumbnail to enlarge. If you couldn’t be bothered to click on those thumbnails, Sakura is sitting in her room, […]

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New Images of Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles

Here are some new images of Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles which are taken, I assume, from a preview trailer shown at the recent JUMP Festa 2006 a few days ago.

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Naruto Cosplayers @ EOY 2006

Since Jooo has done a general overview of the cosplayers in the STAC Resolution event, I’m just going to focus on the people who cosplayed on the Naruto theme. 56k be warned!

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Vhea's Naruto Cover Colourings

I was randomly surfing around for Naruto fan-colourings when I stumbled upon this site by Vhea. I have to say that her colouring is probably one of the better ones that I’ve seen around for Naruto. The skin tones and hair shading are really done very nicely. Check out her site for more awesome colourings! […]

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Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles (ナルト:疾風

In the latest chapter of the Naruto manga (chapter 322), it has been announced officially that the Naruto fillers will finally be ending in Spring 2007 (YES!!!) which means the anime will return back to the manga storyline maybe in February when Spring actually starts in Japan, or in April which is usually when animes […]

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Naruto Fanart 2

A nice fanart done by Pokefreak of the Naruto cast in their new Part 2 outfits!

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Naruto Fanart 1

A very nicely done fanart of a grown-up Naruto looking very much like the Yondaime. Found @ 22 Tsu Tsu

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