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Samurai High School (J-Drama): Pretty Much Live Action Anime

One of these things is not like the other~ Something that has always perplexed me is why anime fans don’t watch more Jdramas. I’m sure this could be for any number of reasons but many dramas are based off anime  (Hana Yori Dango, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, GTO, Nana, etc.) and some seriously seem to […]

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THAT kdrama blog: Boys Over Flowers

Some of you may be watching this kdrama remake of a jdrama remake of a tdrama adaptation of an anime adaptation of a manga (OK it’s probably just an adaptation of the manga, but it’s way more fun to say that way). To be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of the manga; I dropped […]

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200 Pounds Beauty (K-Flim): Frankenstein's Beauty

So I was waiting for my food at a new local café and started watch the TV it was a Korean film a rather old Korean Film, 200 Pound Beauty or something like that. So yeah I kind of loitered at the restaurant until it ended ordering a few more things and eating slowly. Good […]

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Honey and Clover Live Action Episode 1

Warning: This is graphics-heavy, so loading may that some time. Seems like I’ve gone a bit trigger happy with the screenshots. Not an anime, but hey, this was adapted from a manga and there was an anime with 2 seasons adapted from the same source, so I think it has its place here. The dorama […]

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Taiyou no Uta [タイヨウ

Taiyou no Uta タイヨウ

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Hana Yori Dango [花より男

Credits: Screencaps – Tinyangl@LJ 花より男

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Goong S AKA Prince Hours is released!

Note: Screenshots from the first two episodes throughout the entry. A little sneak preview to the show, the gorgeous main characters and pretty queen Hahaha. (Credit for screenshots: runhani @ soompi forums) It’s the time of the year with plentiful of new drama series *rejoices* All the overload’s making me spazz with excitement. Haha, I […]

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K-Drama: Which Star Are You From?

Which Star Are You From is a Korean drama which speaks of a man who fell for a pair of sisters (one dead, one living) and the amount of pressure and objections they face throughout their entire relationship. Which Star Are You From Cast: Kim Rae Won as Choi Seung-hee Jung Ryu Won as im […]

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Soooo… Yeah. I know i haven’t been blogging. D: Don’t kill meee. hahaha. xD Seeing how there are so many comments on the goong entry i did a long while back.. still! continuously! I’m guessing people do check back for more information and stuffu. :] So yes guys.. There’s Goong 2. Thats the good news […]

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[K-Movie] – Mr. Housewife

K-Movie – Mr. Housewife Other titles: Mr. Quiz Queen Story that revolves around how a male homemaker joins a quiz held for housewives in a bid to win the $30,000 prize money for his father-in-law’s surgical operation (he lost the money earlier in a private credit union). Cast: Han Suk Gyu – Cho Jin Man […]

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