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Kuragehime 11: Birth of a Brand

The final, though less than thrilling, conclusion to a series we’ve all greatly enjoyed.

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Kuragehime 10: Inari Burns All Consecutive Camps and Plans the Eight-Array Maze

It’s the penultimate episode and Inari is still giving even Black Widows a bad name…

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Kuragehime 09: Jellyfish vs Shark

Seems everyone’s balls are dropping except Shu’s…

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Kuragehime 08: Children of Clara


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Kuragehime 07: Land Reform

Behold, the face of progress! Inari is here to stay a bit longer, it seems, and fully focussed on getting her claws around the Nunnery and anyone else who may dare to stand in her way. Lies, photography, bribes and bickering, there is no technique that she isn’t willing to try in order to get […]

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Kuragehime 06: Shu Shove

‘Tis a sad day for Shu; he thinks he did something bad, but in fact he just shoved for GREAT JUSTICE…

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Kuragehime 05: The Sigh of Kurashita Tsukimi

Things seem to be going well for Tsukimi and Shu at the beginning, both of them sighing like lovesick teenagers. Kuranosuke is rather irritated seeing his brother like this, but the main Shukimi KimiKura Bakufu conflict takes a backseat to the arrival of a new menace. Threatening both ships and the home of the Amamizukan […]

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Kuragehime episode 4: The 30 Year Old Virgin

I’m guessing one of these three will become the odd one out… the question is, which? Tsukimi swaps one contained space safe haven for another in this episode. Or, at least, she thinks she does. Could the consequences prove far greater than she can handle? Maybe. Is the audience in for a treat? Ohhh yess…

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Kuragehime episode 03: She’s a Lady

This week, we get to meet several new characters, we find out more about the old ones (no pun intended) and we get more daww-worthy and kyaarific moments than you can shake a lipstick at. An enthusiastically applied and reluctantly received lipstick, that is. Either way, the results are truly traptastic – and will no […]

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Kuragehime episode 02: Where’s the Beef?

There is much to discuss this week, as Kuranosuke returns to the den of fujoshi, meets with their rejection, and ultimately pulls a Loymeyer-senpai to help them overcome their most impolite social hangups. Being that our founding member is a notorious trap, and we at T.H.A.T. have a long and proud tradition of taking to […]

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