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Narcissu side 2nd OP download and yet another glimpse into the world of death~

I am not sure whether any of you out there reads kinetic/visual novels but for me, the greatest anticipation for me in the year of 2007 must be the visual novel that I am yearning for. To give those who are in a bit of a loss, Narcissu Side 2nd is the prequel of Narcissu, […]

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Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Rengou vs. ZAFT Portable – A modest review…

I used to think all games with any mention of “Gundam” in the title weren’t worth playing at all. However, this game has recently changed my mind. Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Rengou vs. ZAFT Portable is a port from the Arcade title of the same name (minus the portable). Published by Bandai-Namco Games and developed […]

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Naruto 360

Ubisoft has recently released some Naruto 360 screenshots and concept arts. In case you didn’t know, the game is set to be released next year and will be based on the American dub of the series, not the current Japanese anime. It will be part RPG, part platformer, and part fighter.

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The Frozen Throne

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Coming soon… Season 2? Yes? No?

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A New Ghostbusters Game?

I’ve always been a great fan of the Ghostbusters series and this piece of news really piqued my interest. It seems to be a more nitty-gritty noir Ghostbusters game using a game engine similar to Gears of War. Whether this is a real demo or just a fake one, it’s been released by European developers […]

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My 2 Most Anticipated Games of 2007

For the year of 2007, I have 2 heavily anticipated games, one for the PC and one for the console. For the PC it is the action RPG known as Hellgate: London and for the PS3 console it would have to be Final Fantasy XIII. There are of course quite a few other games that […]

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Console Wars

As some of you may have noticed, the poll topic has changed. It doesn’t have to do with anime (poll will be changed probably in a week or so), but I’m interested in what you all feel about the return of the console wars. I know, I know. This topic has already been kicked about […]

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Mi…Mi…Mikuru beam! Yuki blast! Do you want to wield Kyon as a weapon?

I do not know the full context of this, but it seems to be a rpg where they can create and customize their characters. Some guy out there created all these characters that look quite like the Haruhi characters. The thing now is…where the hell is Tsuruya!!!! The game seems to be this. Pretty interesting, […]

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Bleach Wii game

Wow. The graphics ain’t good but I am interested….Hmmmm..

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