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In Which I Discuss Various Musics, and Arrange Them by Their Virtue

2011 has been a pretty stand up year for anime, all told (despite what the declinists would have you believe). Especially as far as soundtracks go there was quite the selection, and while I couldn’t possibly listen to everything, I did listen to some of it. A lot. These are those soundtracks.

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A Very, Very Late Look at Some of C78’s Music Pickings – Part 1 Out of Who Knows…

If I actually listened to everything from C78, this would be my position for… a very long time. Let me say that I’m a BIG Doujin music fan. I can’t say I’m more than that, because I certainly don’t prioritize that above anything else, but listening to Doujin music is definitely pretty high on my […]

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VOCALOID: What’s with the hype for World’s End Dancehall?

Not to be confused with World’s End Umbrella, which is a very different song by hachi-P. World’s End Dancehall is produced by wowaka, known for Rollin’ Girl [ローリンガール] and the very famous Uraomote Lovers [裏表ラバーズ]. It has been 6 weeks since this song has been on the VOCALOID Weekly Charts. Since then, thousands of PV […]

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A Call to Arms! – your staves, raise them!

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Maria+Holic OP: SHAFT fapping Goodness (in HD)

Must resist….urge to Photoshop….words out… Some OP’s are so good that makes you watch it over and over again. That happened several times with me with OP’s from anime such as Shikabane Hime, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Tetsuwan Birdy Decode, xxxHOLiC or Kurenai, just to name a few. But Maria+Holic is godly. I can’t describe is […]

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musings in anime music [18]: Toradora OST

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Musings in Anime Music (17): Kannagi OP Arrangement


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Opening Vids List – Summer 2008

THAT is back with another season Op’s post, but this time things are a bit different. To allow all the team to comment on the posts, we’ve dropped the rankings and we are checking each opening individually (this also avoids the issues of internal competition inside THAT. I was constantly spammed to rank the Code […]

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What do you have on your mp3 player?

It makes you want to raise her skirt to see if she has a tail… The sun is high in the sky, the beaches are full with girls in bikinis and what do I have next tome me while I lay down on my beach towel? No, it’s not another girl, it’s my portable Mp3 […]

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Concert Report- The Pillows in San Francisco

This week is my spring break, so I flew back home to California and a couple of buddies and myself road tripped up to San Francisco for this stop on the Delicious Bump Tour ’08. This was my second time seeing The Pillows live in concert, the first being in June of 2006 in Los […]

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