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Nichijou 26 [final]: DON’T GO, NANOOO!

No, love, thank YOU… *sniff* Okay, so she’s not really going anywhere. But I’m still going to miss her. So, in short: thank you, Nano and friends, for 26 weeks of the awesomest randomness I have seen in ages. In not as short: read on…

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Nichijou 22-25: Ship, ship, ship!

Love triangle alert! Eeek, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?! Sorry, loves. Let’s just say I’ve been back-to-school with a vengeance. Moving on. Here be some belated, but heartfelt, fan-girling about everyone’s favourite megane, bishie, goat-riding gentleman-farmer, and a few others…

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Nichijou 21: Oh, those teachers…

Why does Yukko always spoil everything? Finally, for those of you who’ve been waiting for the Miss Timid x That Bloke Who Fancies Her ship to sail – this one’s for you…

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Nichijou 20: How not to be a mangaka

Ya think?! Finally, more Mio screen time in this epi, as we see some great, and not so great, mangaka skills on display. Amongst the manga mayhem, we also see fun and games at the Shinonome Laboratory, and a bit with a dog…

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Nichijou 19: Megane, Fish Flops and Ogi-boshi!

You won’t like him when he’s angry… and can’t find his glasses… even though he’s wearing ’em… I still don’t know what to make of the opening to this week’s episode. And, funnily enough, the rest of it was just as weird and wonderful. In other words, less focus on developing the relationships this time, […]

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Nichijou 18: It’s coffee, guys, but not as we know it…

Ah, so /that’s/ where you’ve been, Crusader-senpai… This week, we get more coffee flavoured fun as the creepy stupid Science teacher and Yukko both fall foul of the caffeinated stuff, while we meet another new character and a few old faces return…

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Nichijou 15-17: Dodgy teachers galore!

O_O In these episodes, we see Nano settling into her school life in a fairly successful manner, but still constantly worried about having to explain the presence of that ruddy great big wind-up key in her back, and we also get the introduction of a few more new characters…

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Nichijou 14: The many faces of Nano… and they’re all full of DAAWWW

‘Daawww’ is not even the word… After the major turning point at the end of last week’s episode, there are plenty of new things to look forward to in this one, not least of all a(n even more frenetic) second OP and a new ED. And a whole lot of Nano – YAY!

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Nichijou 11-13: Turning-point

Yukko’s mum. Still awesome In these three episodes we (unfortunately), got a whole load more of Yukko in retard-mode, but (fortunately), a whole lot more of Nano (and friends) in adawwable mode. And more of Yukko’s mum being awesome. And a rather unexpected twist at the end…

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Nichijou 08-10 – Mums Know Best

Well deserved bitch slaps FTW. Yikes, it’s been over a month since my last Nichijou post – I’m sorry, didn’t mean to disappear off the face of the ’blogosphere! (In brief: was ill, then we moved house, then I didn’t have internet at the new place for ages. Fun times.) Anyway, I should be all […]

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