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Chrono’s Yaoi Picks

Reading my earlier post about Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi, you might notice I have more than a few problems with yaoi in general. But as I said there, I do love it so, and read it near constantly; it’s just I only look for the good stuff anymore. Granted, what I consider ‘good’ apparently is pretty far […]

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The manga Impz randomly decide to read this week – Lock On!

Few people probably know that my manga tastes are actually very varied compared to my anime preferences (shoujo, horror, slice of life). I generally read anything to everything, even fanservice manga for the fun of it. I can actually say that I read more than two new series every week, and I think it will […]

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Friday Ramble: A Certain Vampire Knight Character Study.

I would want to control both Kaname and Zero like puppets. Note: Before you proceed, this post will contain a lot, and I mean it, 90% spoilers of up till the 56th chapter of Vampire Knight. If you have not finished reading Vampire Knight up till chapter 56, I strongly suggest that you turn back […]

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Tears, right now, streaming down my face

Fuck yeah.

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Gente ~Ristorante no Hitobito~ chapter 4 – Manga Translated!

Chapter 4 is finally done after a pretty busy week for me. It’s a background story about Vito and his wife that is mentioned in Episode 3 (at least I think it is). It’s quite nice to be honest, and there are some interesting themes for such a short chapter. Anyway, you can read it […]

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Gente ~Ristorante no Hitobito~ chapter 3 – Done!

Chapter 3 took much longer because there is a lot of dialogue compared to the first 2 chapters. It’s a very interesting chapter to say the very least. I urge you to read it. Oh, and I decided to be shameless and make a credit page for myself. Don’t kill me for it! Cheers! As […]

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Gente ~Ristorante no Hitobito~ chapter 2 – done!

A bored Impz + Lazy Sunday + Girlfriend demands for more manga releases so she will stop threatening to kill me + She likes gentlemen = Chapter 2 of Gente. Cheers! As usual, this is based on the Chinese scans. Megaupload: Click here Sendspace: Click here Badango: Click here Mediafire: Click here Zshare: Click here […]

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Gente ~Ristorante no Hitobito~ Chapter 1 – Scanlation

Even though I am hardly a scanlation group by trade, I just did an amateur piece of scanlation for the Gente ~Ristorante no Hitobito~ manga. This is based on the Chinese scans so do not expect it to be anywhere near the professional standards by proper scanlation groups. Anyway, I did it as a present […]

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Manga Scanlation – Bungaku Shoujo Chapter 01

Is it wrong that I look forward to making these images the most when I’m scanlating? Chapter 1 of one of the manga series (the other being “Bungaku Shoujo to Oishii Recipe” in Beans Ace) based on the light novel I reviewed here. The manga is drawn by Kousaka Rito, and serialised in the bi-monthly […]

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Light Novel Review: Bungaku Shoujo series (文学少女シリーズ)

Bungaku Shoujo is a not-particularly-light novel series, written by Nomura Mizuki about a once-a-trap and his book-eating Youkai-sempai. The series is complete, with 8 books having been published in Japanese, and 5 having been published in Chinese. You’d expect an English review to be about something in English, BUT YOU’D BE WRONG.

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