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ok, so, I have a confession to make.

it turns out that a lot of people have been confused about this video that’s been circulating around the internet lately. a blogger called Jaalin confessed his confusion. He links to other people. But the thing is. I am Jason Mraz. [here’s my entire life story condensed into a single image, since it’s basically worth […]

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CCY17: Worse than Superman 64

I see shit sucked so hard Steve Jobs wouldn’t let lolikit use the iPhone even if lolikit paid him. Too bad because I think there was an app to fix the fail. Being bored as all hell I decided to play this lolikit fellow’s game which I have to say sucks…its more of a grind […]

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Japan's Top 10 Waifus (and Husbandos)

Recently, ANN of all places posted this interesting article of a survey conducted in Japan on which anime characters the respondents wished to marry. Most of the characters on the lists shouldn’t be particularly surprising, and its somewhat tilted toward currently running shows, but it’s amusing nonetheless.

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Random Fandom: MOTHER 3 fan-translation is GO!

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Otakon 2008 – My annual pilgrimage to the East Coast's Otaku Mecca

First Alphonse Elric I’ve ever seen = WIN. I am rather amused to admit that this past weekend (August 8th – 10th) taught me something very interesting about myself: three days with no Internet access and no way of checking THAT is enough to drive me up the wall. I really, truly adore you traps, […]

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July 4th Weekend News and Notes

Finally, Hayate without that annoying censor character! It’s rare that we do any real news posts on THAT, but seeing as how there was a huge pile of crap that occurred in the R1 DVD market as well as some scattered news on the other side of the Pacific I figured I’d post something. Plus […]

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Chocolate Coronet Vs. Melon Pan Campaign – Win prizes from KKnM

Our friendly store in Singapore, KKnM, is having a little vote in order to find who is the best! Basically, for every 30 bucks spent at KKnM, you get to cast one vote for the coronet or melon pan. At the end of the contest, a lucky draw from the winning side determines the recipients […]

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ABA nominations are closing soon!

There are 4 days left before nomination closes! Go nominate if you have not! In addition, we hope that you can link to the site on your blogroll. We have provided some banners (click here) and will be glad to receive user-made banners for everyone’s use. Do check the site often and thanks all once […]

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Soul Eater: Late Night version and other Spring Updates

For those who haven’t heard already (or didn’t read the tiny hint I gave in my previous Soul Eater post), Soul Eater is set to air on two different days each week. On Mondays, the regular daytime version is released, and on Thursdays a “Late Night” (LN) version will be released. Although everyone kept calling […]

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Click on the image or click here. It’s only a short survey to find the basic demographics of readers. It will take no more than 1 minute of your time, so please do it! Thanks!

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