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Why creating something called "The Anime Blog Awards" is mostly a thankless task

We are making it even prettier as we speak As you probably know by now (I hope you do), The Anime Blog Awards have started. However, I do not think that you want to read the same brief information that is spread by the other anime blogs that have released news about this. I hope […]

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Updated Spring 2008 Dates/Videos

Rawr. Here’s a quick news update for those who read the FR: I got so pissed at Bleach and Narutard this week that I didn’t even bother writing a Friday Ramble…would’ve been more or a Friday Whine ‘n’ Complain. Even though it just started, there will be no FR during the month of April. I’m […]

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ONE-Shot War: An Explanation

Welcome to the wall of text. Ugh. Hopefully I’ll have my banners down nice and neat by the time April rolls around. Anywho, on to business… The second on my list of (two) features I have planned for THAT, is the ONE-Shot War. I originally had this planned to be a somewhat different feature, but […]

Also posted in New Feature | 10 Responses Needs Your Help! (Donation Drive) has always been supportive of new writers all over the world to establish their blog for free. As we continue to expand and include new bloggers to the anime blogosphere, we have reached a point where advertising dollars are not enough to pay for the hosting services. Hence, we have decided to appeal for […]

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If you're a fan of Ninjas and Fox-manchicks, rejoice!

Rawr! (my customary greeting, get used to it) This is an official release from the “WTF! Be warned!” committee, issued in an attempt to warn you, the established THAT animeblog readers (and authors too), of a potential menace that may be infiltrating your minds in the near future. In fact, this creature may have already […]

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Bj0rn wants you to vote for AFM!

The Bj0rn compels you to vote. Vote now!

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Where is the love…for Female-Orientated goods?

If Seto San approves, then it MUST be cool While cramming for midterms, I found myself lured to Danny Choo’s infamous blog. Deciding to take yet another 30 minute break after a beautiful 5 minute study session (I ended up failing the exam the next day much to my own surprise), I came upon a […]

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I sit at home and watch Anime on Friday Nights!

Well, I’m officially the n00b rookie of the THAT Blog team now. Entering the second semester of my senior year in high school, Senioritis has begun to kick in and leaves me with nothing worthwhile to do (aside from keeping my grades from dropping below the C range of course). So, what better way to […]

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Odex is freaking hacked!

It seems that the ODEX site is happily hacked by a very unhappy fan. If you cannot get to the page, it is likely because it takes a while before the propagation of the site actually starts off. I was actually trying to go see how the ODEX site is turning out to be, only […]

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An interview with the Impz – I do not bite lolis…

For those who have not noticed, Sea Slug Team, one of the brilliant veteran anime blog that inspired Impz to start blogging interviewed me as their editorial piece. I must say that it is definitely a honor to be interviewed by a blog that I have long admired since it is always trying to improve. […]

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