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Chihayafuru – 25(Final): Kana-chan’s Dream

Suo has finally shown himself and so ends Chihayafuru. There isn’t much of blatant to be continued, and there is no championship parade for Mizusawa. It was a fun ride, even if the chances for another season are slim to none. Such is the state of shoujo anime that sequels are few and far between; […]

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Chihayafuru – 24: Of Clan Mashima and Shallowness

Well one more to go and Taichi is in desperation mode. I knew it was only a matter of time before he would try and lure Chihaya to his bedroom so that he could try something. However if Zeus wanted him to be with Chihaya he would have miracled it by now. Instead it seems […]

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Chihayafuru – 23: On closets, sadists, lovers, losers, workers, players and bridge builders

 Don’t worry, love; your time will come.  This week, having lost the match against Ms. Tenacious shown in the previous episode, Chihaya does what any sane, self-respecting person would do; she locks herself in the nearest closet and has a good cry. Thankfully, despite the wobble, Chihaya holds on to her confidence, and her hair, […]

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Chihayafuru – 22: Tenacious She and the Trick of Destiny

Yes, but it would be nice to see it in the first place, love. Hello, Hana here, doing the main part this week while Crusader-senpai is partially preoccupied with never-ending Mid-Terms (I apologise in advance for the lack of RAEG). So, this week sees Chihaya do battle with the former Queen, Yumi ‘Tenacious’ Yamamoto, who […]

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Chihayafuru – 21: Sudo Strikes Back

Chihaya likes lolis. Taichi has a new  Class A act. Sudo returns and baptizes Nishida. Desperation ships, bold text messages, daring wagers and Kana-chan got denied by an old man; this week had plenty going on but not one confession.  People want to call Taichi a karuta genius but he can’t match a 6 year […]

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Chihayafuru – 20: Taichi’s Ex-Hex and Arata Strikes Back

Well another tournament and what do you know Taichi once again fails to advance to Class A, I am sure that there are no shortage of people who will plead that Taichi is simply habitually unlucky that the law of averages does not apply in his case. Perish the thought that Taichi is just not […]

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Chihayafuru – 19: Kana-chan wins, MARU!

Hana is, or rather was, on a Roman Holiday and hooking up with Audery Hepburn this week so it falls upon me to be a lone sniper and make my shots force Desk-kun and Taichi into making dumb moves. To be sure I had nothing to do with the most glorious routing of either, both […]

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Chihayafuru – 18: Savvy Mature Women

So Chihaya’s first foray into the full Class A field was a disaster though it wasn’t the kind of drubbing she got from Shinobu. Kanai Sakura may have matured into full woman-hood but it wsa great to see a wily veteran take Chihaya to school in karuta. It gives the series more credibility given that […]

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Chihayafuru – 17: Back to School

I have the misfortune of informing everyone who reads this post that Hana will not be with us for a while. If you have not heard through her facebook or twitter account her home was burgled and she needs to get a new laptop as well as re-establish her internet connection. Thankfully no one was […]

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The defense of Taichi – It’s me against the world!

Blasphemy! DFCs and small breasts rule the world! Chihaya!!!!! I’m a new writer in THAT. My nickname is Impz. I am going to write a single post about how I love a random anime and then I will disappear into thin ash like the thousands of defunct bloggers in the blogosphere ahead of me. Of […]

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