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Chihayafuru – 06: Because Nobody Dolls Up Ayase Chihaya Like Oe Kanade

Chihaya out-muscles Taichi in a feat of strength. Kanade gets Chihaya to be a model. Can Kanade make Chihaya a real Queen? When is the Kana-chan Chihaya traditional tea ceremony? It’s already Week 6 and Kana-chan is getting more of Chihaya’s attentions that Taichi could manage in a decade.

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Chihayafuru – 05: Because No One Outruns Mashima Taichi like Ayase Chihaya

Taichi is getting out rebounded by Arata’s Shadow? Arata’s circumstances? What is Yuu up to? Chihaya tackling and tossing the boys around like rag dolls? A Karuta Dynasty reborn? Who will be number three? Today is Chihaya’s Day but every day is a bad day for Taichi and Taichi nation who get pummeled and mauled […]

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Chihayafuru 04 – Quitting Time: Mashima Taichi vs. Karuta

Chihaya is now all grown up, but does Taichi’s girlfriend really know the deal with Chihaya? Did Taichi do the right thing and break up with the girl he doesn’t love? Taichi is still a quitter, but how and why is Arata’s Shadow beating Taichi around? Welcome to episode 4 where when the going gets […]

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