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Mirai Nikki 26 [END]: “You’re so stupid, Yukkii.”

To heck with Titanic, this here’s the TRUE greatest love story ever told. (Also note that this being the last episode, Asread has tried to cram resolutions for almost every single character/plot thread, so this post has a total of 72 screencaps. So it is much longer than my already excessively long usual posts. Don’t […]

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Mirai Nikki 25: “Because she was always there for me.”

10 to 1 odds someone dies within the first 2 minutes. The annoying thing is that we never see the red moon again over the course of the entire episode. >:| (At least, I don’t remember seeing it. Give me a break, I’m reviewing anime at 1:27 AM in the morning again FOR YOU PEOPLES.)

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Mirai Nikki 24: “Yuno… you’ve gone insane!”

>stating the obvious >puny yukiteru brain cannot handle simple truth >derpface

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Mirai Nikki 23: “I can’t imagine Yuno ever killing me.”

Look at her, all innocent and naive and pure and obvious and stuff. She wouldn’t hurt a fly!

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Mirai Nikki 22: “My love for Yukiteru-kun is real.”

Ah, Yukiteru. He’s just a dog chasing cars. He wouldn’t know what to do with one if he caught it.

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Mirai Nikki 21: “I wanted to be saved too.”

-looks at 17 of 19 prior reviews in which I whine about Yukiteru being a beetch- I think there are grounds to say that he’s only recently acquired that face, yes.

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Mirai Nikki 20: “That was close, Ninth.”


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Mirai Nikki 19: “I know that you’re not a bad guy.”

>Yukiteru stepping up to the plate >Shit just got real

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Mirai Nikki 18: “I’ve made my decision.”

The first truly great episode of Mirai Nikki in quite a while. Thumbs up all around.

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Mirai Nikki 17: “…this is forever, too.”

Dat doomed IsaacMiria MarcoAi romance ಥ_ಥ

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