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Anime and ‘the uncanny': case studies on Shiki and Another

Creepy. Even if you’ve only seen the opening episodes of Shiki (Autumn, 2010) or Another (Winter, 2012), the chances are that you’ll have noticed the distinctly creepy atmosphere in both series. Clearly, these are horror shows, but I think that both particularly excel (albeit, in differing degrees) at creating and sustaining genuinely unsettling feelings within […]

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Winter 2012: Hana’s Picks

Right, I’ve now seen the first episode or two of all the shows from this season that I was interested in checking out. And… I’ve no idea yet if I’ll be epi-blogging any of ’em (sorry, but still co-blogging Chihayafuru and not sure how much time I’ll have this term etc. etc.). If I do, […]

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