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Rinne no Lagrange – 10: Prelude to Battle

Well Array might not be going to town this week but it seems that he is still very much broken and with Digijulia preparing for armed combat, the De Metrio boys are somewhat divided. Izo is willing to fight for Kiss, while Array has misgivings about fighting people who really do not want a part […]

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Rinne no Lagrange – 09: Dazed and Confused in Kamogawa

Yurikano finally makes her debut and given the physical similarities between her and Madoka on has to wonder if she really was like Madoka. Certainly Kirius and Digiburolio think so, but one has to wonder how what was it that Yurikano triggered, was she a Vox pilot at some point or did De Meterio have […]

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Rinne no Lagrange – 08: Mass Asteria

So the Big Boss of Novumundus finally makes an appearance and apparently she was bringing along an old friend, I admit I had no idea it was Array we had seen him so few times it was easy to forget what he looked like. In fact I suspected that Asteria was a trap, how wrong […]

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Rinne no Lagrange – 07: Bathing Regularly is Fundamental

While last week’s spat between Madoka and Muginami looked pretty awful and ended on a horrible note at least both parties were up for reconciliation. Granted neither Muginami nor Madoka were long term friends of one another I am glad they both decided that a true friend was hard to come by and that they […]

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Rinne no Lagrange – 06: Muginami is Stupid

Muginami…just wow… I know that it sucks being dumped and she has every right to feel sad about it. I just don’t understand why she is like so many other girls who blame themselves for being dumped. It will probably win top honors for dumbest line ever once this show is over. Worse still Muginami […]

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Winter 2012 Season Shipping Report

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought I would once again make some themed posts for the holiday. While not the very-much-facetious-even though-some-people-thought-it-wasn’t harem finder service from last year, I’ve decided to pursue another romantic theme. Shipping. Many are the joys of deciding upon or instinctively taking to certain pairings of characters. The thrill of battle […]

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Rinne no Lagrange – 05: Keeping Your Enemies Closer

This week we finally see things come to a head between Muginami and Lan. I had suspected that Muginami was not a ditzy person but I had no idea she was just toying with Madoka and Lan. It kind of makes me question why she saved Lan but I guess that it is possible that […]

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Rinne no Lagrange – 04: The Yuri War for Madoka’s Heart

This week there was a lull in the mecha action but thankfully it was not a total loss as Muginami does make her official debut and comes out with an eye to cause some minor mischief. I am not sure if she is aligned with Kiss or if she is acting on her own or […]

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Rinne no Lagrange – 03: Battle Hymn of the Jersey Club

It’s been a rough weekend for me but at least Rinne no Lagrange is still happy and genki as ever. While I am sure that the possibility exists that Moid is the evil final boss so far all we have is that he has his eyes closed. Still I have faith in Lan that she […]

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Rinne no Lagrange – 02: Lan’s Secrets

It is well and fitting that the mecha in Rinne no Lagrange are known as Ovid for it has made its way into my heart and I am loving it to pieces. The humor was once again succinctly placed and there are indications that there is something larger at work here than a simple straight […]

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