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Moretsu Space Pirates – 11: Gurnhilde’s Flagship Operation

Well not much shooting going on this week although I am glad that Grunhilde, brought a flagship into the mix. I only wish she brought in a few Talbot-class cruisers and not just six Corbacks. I like flagship operations I just want the attendant fleet to go along with it. Still while there just hasn’t […]

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Moretsu Space Pirates – 10: Masquerade

Well not much hard sci-fi and action going on this week but given how we got Chiaki-chan cosplaying as Marika, I am not going to complain too much. It was strange, it was whacky, but it made perfect sense, sort of. I guess when cruise lines hire their pirate raiders they don’t pay particular attention […]

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Moretsu Space Pirates – 09: Raiders of the Khar-Toba

Well while there was the possibility of a five on two skirmish, it seems that the Serenity Defense Force has yet to spilt along factional lines. Gruier still seems to command loyalty among the rank and file but her underlings will have to answer some questions since it seems that they were pursued mostly because […]

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Moretsu Space Pirates – 08: Big Trouble In Crystal Tokyo

Well I guess we can check off the political intrigue box at this point since it has been confirmed that the Corback Escorts were there to ensure the safe transfer of a princess. I am old enough to recognize a Sailor Moon reference when I see one and sure as hell they went there with […]

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Moretsu Space Pirates – 07: Marika had a Dream…

More answers this week once again, though I am not sure how satisfying they will be for everyone. As suspected it seems that Marika and the Bentenmaru are doing do jobs for the cruise lines and the Sea of Morning Star Tourism authority is rubber stamping those shows as “acts of piracy.” Now there is […]

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Moretsu Space Pirates – 06: We Extort, We Pilfer, We Filch and Sack, Drink Up Me ‘earties, Yo Ho!

While the absence of the Yact Club will be sorely felt this episode did much to establish the crew of the Bentenmaru and add some more information about the setting. Things may get faster and technology will progress but one thing that probably won’t change is the bureaucracy that demands forms by the pound. I […]

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Winter 2012 Season Shipping Report

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought I would once again make some themed posts for the holiday. While not the very-much-facetious-even though-some-people-thought-it-wasn’t harem finder service from last year, I’ve decided to pursue another romantic theme. Shipping. Many are the joys of deciding upon or instinctively taking to certain pairings of characters. The thrill of battle […]

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Moretsu Space Pirates – 05: Full Spectrum Sailor

I think I am in love… there is technical and then there is full spectrum and this show is going full spectrum on us. I am just blown away by how this all played out, everything felt plausible, and the underlying technology, while superior to what we have now, only highlights the problems of space […]

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Moretsu Space Pirates – 04: Ambushing 101

We still have not hit the piracy portion of the show but boy did they make sure to tease us with yet more universe establishment with the cat and mouse game in interplanetary space and Marika’s plans for ambushing the would be ambushers. This is wonderful and I am fully committed to their combat mechanics, […]

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Moretsu Space Pirates – 03: Space Pirate Cadets

Well it is another universe building episode for Space Pirates and at this point it seems clear that the staff really wants us to buy into how ships will be handled in this series. It was rather lengthy when they tried to explain the intricacies and reasoning behind electronic warfare I just hope that they […]

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