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Happy Valentine's Day/ Single Awareness Day/Adnan bin Saidi Memorial Day

If Impz thinks he can get all rabu rabu while the rest of us are single he’s got another thing coming… – Lord Kitchener So once again it is Kimberley Liberation Day, the anniversary of the beginning of then Major General John French’s attempt to relieve the South African town of Kimberley that was the […]

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A Valentine's/Friendship day special – A simple story

I am not a storyteller, or one that can weave an epic story of betrayal, love and tragedy. I will never be able to sell a single fiction book, even if I sold it for 5 cents. However, I will like to present a very simple story, one that fits the mood of Valentine’s/Friendship Day. […]

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Bootleg figurines – Customer or seller's fault?

Which one is the real one? I was chatting with Blurmage on IRC when he mentioned about getting a counterfeit nendoroid in the EOY convention held a few weeks ago. When he actually posted this news on SGCafe to get the views and warn others about this situation, I was appalled to see many comments […]

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Happy Birthday, Shnooky Wooky Pookams!

Yunoki Azuma. The best anime character personality that resembles Impz’s the most in my opinion. Yes, believe it or not, THAT trap has left stage 25 of his life to stage 26. Heck, I can’t believe it either. He still acts the evil brat towards me. And yes, Impz is evil, pure evil! May lightning […]

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The Girl on The Train: How Life Imitates Fiction

I looked at my watch and eagerly awaited for the time my train was supposed to arrive. After leaving from my part-time job as well as listing files in front of my computer for seven hours, I was thinking only about the magazine in my hands and the Boom Boom Satellites CD I was listening […]

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T.H.A.T two-year evaluation form – Yay for second year anniversary!

I demand my birthday cake now~ Two what? Obviously, it is now two years since the establishment of T.H.A.T. Two years ago, four random friends on the Internet decided to set up an anime blog. None of us probably expected this tiny little anime blog to go anywhere, since the Internet is notorious for kicking […]

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Journey from the Fall: Final Thoughts

It’s not about the end but rather how you got there. So after finishing a rather grueling lab I decided to rent some movies about 3-D folk and wound up watching something that I had been meaning for some time to see but with that rolling release it never came to my end of the […]

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Max Factory 1/8 Mikuru School Festival Variant + Lamentation Over the Weak Dollar

Why yes I would gladly pay 300 yen for some badly fried soba and all the water I can drink. Well now the circle is now complete and I got my 1/8 Max Factory Mikuru in School Festival outfit. Given how times are kind of tough right now I guess this will be the last […]

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Thirteensugars' epic adventure into the common world of manga lore

Our most loved female otaku who does not want to be recognized as one. It’s always good to have a chance to laugh at your dumb girlfriend when you wake up in the morning. Here is the tale as re-accounted by my girlfriend on a private chat online. For some reason, she is speaking in […]

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Confessions of a Madman and Flawed Blogger

Neither will this post. Well this post is incredibly late and was originally prompted by usagijen’s confessions of her undying love of being a less than perfect blogger, and omo’s post about how we all fit in as a community. To be honest I have realized long ago the depths of my own insanity and […]

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