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Any old school anime viewers for exploitation?

My girlfriend recently tasked me to find a few ancient anime that is made in the late 1990s. For those who do not know, I only started viewing anime somewhat diligently when this blog is set up (2 years ago for your information). So, I need some old school anime viewers for help. She is […]

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MGS4 Signing San Francisco, I got me a signed copy take that Kokanaden!

This day I shall forever burn into my mind. I wish you were there RIUVA…but I guess that Island Paradise was worth it, yes? So it was a glorious day for me on June 14, 2008 the day I shook hands with the God of Metal Gear, Lord Hideo Kojima. The minders would not let […]

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A untimely rambling sadomaschobiting return to the blogosphere

Considering the silent usurping by my other bloggers in my absence for 3 weeks, it feels THAT is still alive and kicking (49 comments on Macross: are you guys smoking weed on Sheryl and Ranka?). On the other hand of being alive and kicking, I have realized that I totally lost confidence in my ability […]

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Convention Report: Kublacon (or what I ended up doing instead of Fanime)

So it’s been a week or so after I went to my gaming convention (Kublacon) in lieu of Fanime. Just goes to show that while I love anime my soul belongs military history and war gaming. While the event was roughly a week ago I just handed in a 5 page paper last week and […]

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It's time to leave THAT… for a while

I guess I am not loved because I am an international user? I guess I am not welcome? Anyway, by the time you see this entry, I am already at the airport, flying off for my business trip for the 8th World Media Economics and Management Conference . So, I hope that the blog doesn’t […]

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It's time for someone's eternal 21st birthday!

It’s May 7th on the eastern hemisphere and it is someone’s birthday. Not mine, but my girlfriend Thirteensugars. Once again, that silly moomoo is going to have yet another 21st birthday (the truth is that if I reveal her age, I might not live to tell the tale). Happy birthday, my silly lazy girlfriend who […]

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Why do you hate anime so much? Why?

Kill all anime fans. Kill them all! I read DannyChoo’s entry on Anime Haters and wondered about something that seems to be common among the complains. It’s the phrase Naruto. Before you think that this is an entry that I will go about bashing or worshiping Naruto, this is perhaps the last time you will […]

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Qingming Festival: The ponderings of one otaku about the dead and their legacy.

So this weekend I went back home to clean the graves of my ancestors and an aunt who was taken away before she could raise her children properly. It was part of the Qingming Festival where certain East Asian cultures clean the graves of their ancestors, prior to the events of recent years we never […]

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My 1/8 Max Factory Tsuruya has arrived, prepare to grovel (also need help naming a ship)

Heil Tsuruya. Sieg Nyoro~ Well as a guy who occasionally has to dig a foxhole I am no atheist and as such when my first Tsuruya-san figure arrived at precisely the moment I was applying the last coat of finish on my battleship I took it as a sign that the powers that be, ensured […]

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Frustrated at tests and why Winter 2007/2008 really got on my nerves…more shoujo series pls!

The number of Math questions I have to complete. Hint: Look at the ghost’s forehead. And yes, I’m very frustrated. I have a very good reason why I did not write anything for the past weeks between mid-January 2008 to early February 2008, and with all the school work I’m currently coping (Including tests and […]

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