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The customary EOY Thanksgiving Post by Impz

When we actually need Haruhi to provide peace. As we come to the end of the year, it is always nice to provide some flashbacks to the year in review. 2008 has been a terrible year in reality, what with the economic recession, the horrid Mumbai blastings that killed many innocents including a Singaporean lady, […]

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Thirteensugars' epic adventure into the common world of manga lore

Our most loved female otaku who does not want to be recognized as one. It’s always good to have a chance to laugh at your dumb girlfriend when you wake up in the morning. Here is the tale as re-accounted by my girlfriend on a private chat online. For some reason, she is speaking in […]

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Fight of the Fans! Zero VS Kaname results…

And the winner of the vote is….. Dear Kaname Kuran…. Geez…

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Fight of the Fans: Zero VS Kaname!

The Fight between the best of the best! And I would like to thank Impz for the picture. In case you find things rather boring lately, I’ve been thinking for a while to do this. Originally the vote of President in Cross Academy, now it’s the Fight of the Fans: Zero VS Kaname! (Now that […]

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All hail the existence of green hair lolis: A poll to demolish all copycats and dissidents!

It’s your time to take off the hidden hood off your head as you enter the biggest battle of all time. It is the critical question. Why do you like green hair lolis? Tell us now.

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[New Poll]: How are you going to spend your New Year?

This is a question I always wanted to ask but I never have the chance. Some of my friends often tell me that they sleep through the new year, not bothering about any silly countdown. Some others are ready to hit the clubs, go for foam parties and drink themselves silly. For me, I am […]

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That poll analysis: Dango?

1. As it seems now, most of you are in fact Dango lovers, and will be out there trying to get the latest Dango, be it small or big. In fact, I have to admit that I am one huge fan of Dango, even though I seldom have the chance to eat these mochi-like delicacy […]

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That poll analysis: When is your next trip to buy anime merchandise?

We all know when poll participants say that their next trip to buy anime merchandise is soon, it means “ya, I cannot say I want to spend a single cent on merchandise, but I want to be seen as supportive”. Hence, it results in 142 people being the majority of the pack. 31 of you […]

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My survey study and a new poll – Is anime merchandise bad?

For those who have helped in the anime survey, thank you so much. I am currently working on the data, and trying to manipulate, clean the data (for the overseas people who joined in and those who did not complete the study) and then conduct some descriptives and hierarchal multi-linear regression to find some results. […]

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That poll analysis: Do you like real life tsunderes?

Table 1 – Results. Total votes = 642 From the poll results, it seemed that the highest % goes to people who think that “tsunderes should stay in anime”. Here are some discussions on the results of this poll, summarized for your convenience. 1. Real life tsunderes tend to hurt you much more, and the […]

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