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Anime Merchandising killed my father

I’m so poor that I have to steal other people’s photos. Now if only I can steal the figure as well… wait, I mean no! I don’t want your damn merchandise! Everyone loves anime merchandise, right? Wrong. Merchandise is evil. Consider these facts: Fact: Merchandise ruins friendships. Fact: Merchandise sucks out your soul and eats […]

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A new poll: My favorite harem stereotype – The tsundere, who else?

Wow, it is really rare to see a period where all bloggers of THAT Anime Blog are so busy, but I guess that this is the actual scenario right now. From my knowledge, Crusader is getting killed with gunshots with his real life endeavors (he’s the military man after all), I am getting swallowed by […]

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Do you want Satoko to be burned? It's your choice. Now.

It is a simple question, and a simple poll. We will see what happens to her after the poll. Note: The final decision might not dictate my eventual action. Let’s see and get ready to rumble!

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Finally, a new poll: Are you a lolicon?

Wow, it has been a long while since I changed the poll question. With that in mind, I decided to add in a new one just for the fun of it. Have fun voting in it, and please take it in a light hearted manner. We do not really want to see a lynching of […]

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Simple Poll: Do you use the "Recent comment" when it was in the sidebar?

Just a simple poll on whether you have found the recent comments sidebar plugin useful when you first came to the blog. If you have only visited the blog for the first time in your life, do tell us if seeing the five recent comments of the blog will be useful for you. For those […]

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[Poll] – What if Animeblogger was made into a video game? – What genre would it be?

Since Impz asked me to do the next poll, I’ve came up with this crazy idea. If we took some of the bloggers from and made them into characters in a video game, what kind of game would it be? Would it be a fighting game? RPG? Strategy? Adventure? You decide…

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January Poll: Ice cream makes me happy, you?


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How about going on a date with T.H.A.T anime blog?

Note: Joo, our resident female blogger, is on the pen. That also means she’s blasphemous as usual toward me and Alkanphel. Also, this poll is fictional. Even if you win anything, you do not get any dates from us. Well, maybe the red dates, that stuff is pretty tasty. We will think about it. Signed, […]

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A3 2006 results: Have you made the critical vote?

This is A3 2006, where the underdogs, the unknown and the bizarre gets their place in history! All right, instead of writing witty comments, I will throw you with charts to illustrate each section’s results. I believe that is the easiest way to make totally unintelligent ways to make the results a bore. I mean, […]

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A3 2006: Let's get the voting started on Alternative Anime Awards!

This is A3 2006, where the underdogs, the unknown and the bizarre gets their place in history! For now, the format has been decided. I will have 7 highly-professional judges (*cough*) from the anime blogging community. Please start voting while I hound my judges for the votes. This thing will last until January 3rd, so […]

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