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Playing catch-up with Bleach, Naruto and One Piece

I’ve been lazy lately. I’d like to blame Bleach for its uninspirational chapters and general shitty-ness, but that’s not really a good excuse. I’ve seen people persevere through thick and thin, and I really ought to do the same. But, for now, let’s play catch-up. Due to popular demand, I have replaced my review of […]

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One Piece Treasures: 10th Anniversary Special

One Piece has finally hit 10 years of publication, and to celebrate this epic moment Weekly Shounen Jump decided to put together a special edition for One Piece fans. Many mangakas of popular Shounen Jump manga series came together to draw their One Piece tributes for the One Piece Treasures special and you can see […]

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Manga Review: Bleach 283, Naruto 362, One Piece 463

I sleep way too much. First week only, and I’ve already missed 7 hours worth of lectures. Good thing they’re recorded, so hopefully I’ll have the will power to listen to them over the weekend.

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Manga Review: Bleach 282, Naruto 361, One Piece 462

Uni is starting again! Oh noes *sad face*. I will try my best to make these posts as on time as possible (this one is about a week late) and to not miss any. Bleach 282 Halbel and her officers watch Grimmjaw and Ichigo fight from a distant; as the officers banter back and forth, […]

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Manga Review: Bleach 281, Naruto 360, One Piece 461

Exams is finally over so I’m back on track. Sorry for skipping two weeks, but I’m going to make up for it by making this week’s post really awesome*. Bleach 281 After seeing Ichigo’s Vaizard form, Orihime is a little shaken. Ichigo apologises to her, and reassures her that he will immediately take care of […]

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Bleach 278, Naruto 357 and One Piece 459

Because I’ve got exams coming up this post will be super brief. Bleach 278 Kind of surprised that Grimmjaw isn’t at all scared of Ulqiorra, considering how great the difference in their abilities should be. Other than that, it’s nice to see that Ulqiorra DOES display emotion, and I’m looking forward to the fight next […]

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Bleach 277, Naruto 356 and One Piece 458

Bleach 277 Grimmjaw sure knows how to treat his woman like a real man. Grimmjaw takes Orihime to Ichigo, so that she can heal him. Ulqiorra goes back to his room to find Orihime missing, was told that she was kidnapped by Grimmjaw, and goes back to where Ichigo is. Seriously Kubo? Go fuck yourself. […]

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One Piece Volume 45 "I Can Guess How You're Feeling"

One Piece volume 45 was just released in Japan last week! Awesome cover once again showing all the major players in this chapter with the match-ups being displayed around Luffy. A lot of people expected to see the Thousand Sunny on the cover in the background and so did i but Oda must have decided […]

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One Piece 10th Anniversary Colour Spread Calender

It was One Piece’s 10th anniversary in Shounen Jump and to celebrate it, they included colour spread calendar inside this week’s Jump issue (WSJ #4-5). It is the most awesome One Piece colour spread that I’ve ever seen!! Warning 56k! The full size image is almost 2mb.

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What did CP9 look like as kids?

Taken from a SBS corner in One Piece volume 44, Oda shows us the CP9 as young kids!

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