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Space Brothers episodes 07-08: ‘Luck is what you make of it’

Mutta is feeling lucky. These two episodes represent a turning point in Mutta’s story. Presenting us with the possibility that Mutta will not pass the second round of the JAXA astronaut selection process, all of Mutta’s insecurities are brought to a head (no Zidane-ing pun intended), before being resolved in the second of these two […]

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Space Brothers episodes 05-06: Planes, Trains and Imbeciles

 Of course he hasn’t. He just really likes shampooing his hair. Daww. Yikes, sorry for being all quiet on the blogging front lately. Let’s just say it’s been an exceptionally busy past couple of months both at and outside work. Anyway, I’m back now (minus Crusader though, as he’s busy with his last finals this […]

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Space Brothers episode 04: Close to You

‘An older brother should be next to his younger brother.’ Hello, just my fangirling this week, as Comrade Crusader is buried under more projects and midterms than you can shake a cell phone at. So… I thought that this was a lovely ‘transitional’ episode, focussing on the immediate events surrounding Mutta and company’s end-of-the-second-round-interviews at […]

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Space Brothers episode 3: Getting Physical

Of course you are, Mutta. This week’s episode took a more comedic turn as Mutta and the other JAXA candidates underwent the next stage of the interview process – the physical tests. Amidst the lulz accompanying the rather up close and personal nature of the tests that took up most of the episode, we got: […]

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Space Brothers episodes 01-02: Shining Stars

Playing one’s own tune has never looked so good. Though, it’s probably sounded better. Like The Agony of Doha in 1993 and Nomo’s triumph in 1996 were respectively moments of national misery and celebration for football and baseball fans throughout Japan, there seemed to be a strong collective reaction around the anisphere when the first […]

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