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Hyouka 04: Can’t make bricks without clay

Oh Hyouka, why you so Sherlock.

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Hyouka 03: You see, but you do not observe

Of course, if I was seeing the world through technicolour lenses, I’d be having too much fun to bother with this “observing” stuff. It’s like being high and getting the associated sensory processing disorders, but without actually being high! (゚∀゚)

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Why Hyouka Sucks (But I’m Watching It Anyway)

Hyouka is a great many things – it is pretty, it is pretentious, it is trying very hard to be Haruhi 2.0. But I would not ever say that it is interesting. What else can you expect when the lead character’s primary motivation is a… very strict interpretation of the law of conservation of energy? […]

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Hyouka 02: It’s elementary, my dear Chitanda

Oh God, yes. Also, spoilers ahead, so if you don’t want the mystery ruined, go watch the episode first.

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