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Kokoro Connect episode 11 – Fountain of Youth

New arc, and a new phenomenon affecting the characters. And a new revelation about Heartseed, as well as (possibly) the focus on Aoki that I’ve been waiting for. Characters are now reverting to their younger selves, a a preset time each day but at to a random age. Though it’s not that straightforward, as the […]

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Kokoro Connect episode 10 (and brief remarks on 8-9) – Damn the Iori Torpedoes! Full Speed Ahead, Ms. Inaba!

The Kizu Random arc  has been a great ride, and in this post I’ll be catching up on recent developments and focusing on the culmination of the the arc, episode 10. First off, BAM! Take that, Iori fans! My ship now sails boldly into the future with wind in its sails and cannons loaded! Not […]

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Kokoro Connect episode 07 – Let It Out

Losing one’s temper seems to be the easiest way for the new ‘unleashing’ effect to cause problems for the characters, and this week Inaba lets loose a lot after Yui falls into some sort of crisis. To my delight, the Kizu Random arc is focusing mostly in Inaba, and she was the crucial or central […]

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Kokoro Connect episode 05-06 – A Troll Who Cares, and, OH DESIRE!

Two episodes in this post, and coincidentally it’s the end of one chapter/arc/whatever and the start of another one. Episode 05 brought out some big drama with Yui being the victim of a randomly-timed Heartseed intervention, which brought things to almost AnoHana-level drama. It was a high point of emotions that ended up serving as a nice […]

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Kokoro Connect episode 04 – So, This Happened…

So, another episode of ‘fixing’ people, but at least there was something waaaay out of left field that turned the episode into something else entirely. It’s an odd strategy for producing/writing a show, but hey, I guess it works! Start telling a pretty cliche story and then BAM! throw something incredibly strange out there that […]

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Kokoro Connect episodes 01-03 (but mostly 03) – Initial Thoughts, and A Swift Kick

Hans Moleman Productions Presents: Man getting kicked by classmate. Plenty of shows to choose from this season, but finally I’ve settled on Kokoro Connect to blog for summer. Uta Koi was a very close second, but I feel like I’ll have more to say about this one. First, some initial thoughts on the show in general and […]

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