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Macross Frontier: Wings of Goodbye

DYRL Minmay meet your new Ranka Counterpart. Luca has sister? Cathy and Leon never got it on? Leon is more devious than Grace? Best Ranka ever losing to nerfed Sheryl? Does this condensation work and Mr. Kawamori just created the best new age hippie drug ever or is this so heavy handed that only Brera […]

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Flash Animation – There She Is!! Step 3 "Doki & Nabi"

SamBakZa, the group of Korean artists responsible for the famous Flash animation series “There She Is!!”(about the relationship of Doki the bunny with Nabi the cat) has released the 3rd installment, “Doki & Nabi” in last May. Now that this group is being funded, their releases will become faster, with the 4th installment predicted to […]

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Journey from the Fall: Final Thoughts

It’s not about the end but rather how you got there. So after finishing a rather grueling lab I decided to rent some movies about 3-D folk and wound up watching something that I had been meaning for some time to see but with that rolling release it never came to my end of the […]

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I apologized that I have not been updating for weeks but finally I have find time to write this entry. The Vampire Knight chapter 37 review will be shown if I have time, but for now, the epic video that really make everyone (Yes, even an animal or an idiot) laugh. Thought it was just […]

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Presenting another video from the world of parody.

Presenting you another KH parody video by our dear pwilliard again. This time, the KH characters are lip-snyching the trailer of National Treasure: Book of Secrets. pwilliard’s done it again and okay, so it’s not funny but i think he done it pretty well. And before I forget, this video has won first place this […]

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Fan Made Corner: Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro Fake Trailer

This is a new section I’m starting here on THAT where we will be showing stuff made by the several anime/manga fans around the world or even works made by our readers. Send your suggestions and/or works to with the subject “Fan Made Corner”. Don’t forget to write your name or the name/link of […]

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Truth about host clubs – The Great Happiness Space

I’m sure many of us are familiar with the concept of the “host club.” In fact, many people should be somewhat familiar, especially with the finishing of the recent comedy anime “Ouran Koukou Host Club.” Have any of you ever wondered what a real host club was like though? Recently, I saw a film/documentary by […]

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