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Final Thoughts on K-On (aka the Slice of Life Suplex)

Yes the Future can be a scary thing… This is probably the closest I will ever get to having a Dairy of an Anime Lived post, and that is the weird part of it since Sora no Woto was hitting much closer to my professional sensibilities. However since coming back home to “peaceful” civilian life […]

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K-On S2 03: Mugi’s Song

Go on Mugi-chan Yui is distracted you can jump her at any time… Watching Ritsu in her slump while being in one myself made this episode seem better than it probably was. I think every so often people want a change of pace and try to mix things up with mixed results. Being the president […]

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K-On S2 01-02: Tea Timing Girls

But Ritsu she’s your mandatory loli in your yuri harem… While the K-On haet machine is starting to rankle people I still find this series to be oddly funny and rather relaxing. I don’t mind that it is moe-shit animu and not much is clicking with me that the other bloggers haven’t already called yet. […]

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ok, so, I have a confession to make.

it turns out that a lot of people have been confused about this video that’s been circulating around the internet lately. a blogger called Jaalin confessed his confusion. He links to other people. But the thing is. I am Jason Mraz. [here’s my entire life story condensed into a single image, since it’s basically worth […]

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K-ON 13 (END): So it was Written…

It seems that Ritsu got the best plot thread this time around. So it’s finally over and it seems this time the atmosphere was suitably muted, though not much music was made, but instead I suppose that they did gel a bit more as friends. Yui being Yui was pretty standard with her antics and […]

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K-ON – 12: A Long Awaited Gathering

Ui is indeed bold…but is she daring? Well it seems that there is one last hurrah for the K-ON group, and at least there was a good concert for once though I was hoping Sawa-chan would also grab a costume to fit in for the first song. Still Ui did put on a convincing front […]

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K-ON 10-11: It's the Final Countdown

One of the most memorable daytos of the year. I just finished my mandatory two weeks a year and got my ersatz degree, which was actually a brochure for the alumni association as the real thing will be mailed in a few months time… In any case after slaving away for Uncle Sam it is […]

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K-ON 08-09: Azusa Cry'in

Alright checking out the fresh meat new recruits… Well to get back on track it seems that the recruitment drive for K-ON went pretty well since most musical bands have now nominated aspirants seeking to throw themselves upon their mercy in the vain hope that they may deem them worthy to join their ranks. Those […]

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K-ON – 07: The Best Gift of All

Ui is smooth… I like how they have upped the Yuri levels in this show as of late, though it might simply be a case of seeing things that aren’t really there. Still it is good to know that the efforts of Ui do not go unsung, and if the local curs that pass for […]

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K-ON 03-04: Training Days

Raise your hand if you wanted to trade places with Yui. It’s been a rather brutal month as of late, I am glad I found work of sorts but that combined with a new exercise routine and Valkyria Chronicles is starting to take a toll, I have to manage my time better and hope fully […]

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