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EO’s Fighting Ships vol. II – More Favorite OTPs, Successful and Otherwise

In time for the end of Valentine’s Day, I present to you another installment of the ongoing Valentine’s Day shipping series. The follow-up post to one I wrote around two years ago, EO’s Fighting Ships, I present to you seven more ships, successful and otherwise, that have earned themselves a place in my mushy, shipper’s […]

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On Protracted Conflict: Lessons Learned for the Osananajimi

With grand performances in Amagami SS and Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai, this has been quite the strong season for the osananajimi/childhood friend. Given the previous work done in strategic and operational doctrine for both shoujo/josei and the aspiring suitor here at THAT, I’m here attempting to contribute to this body […]

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A Christmas Dialogue Round 1

←[104] This was a round-robin by lelangir, Lbrevis, ghostlightning and usagijen. In it, we start by discussing Christmas (we started a while ago heh…) and how it’s turned into such a commercial enterprise. We use Kannagi and Lucky Star as vehicles for our discussion. This round robin took place in the form of a chain […]

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Over 9000 Meaningless Words

←[100] first impressions on Mariaholic In the first part, ghostlightning and I talk about Kannagi. In the second, superfani talks about art in general. Essentially, the conclusion we came to was that the religious metaphorical elements are played out in such that they themselves constitute a subplot. This is how Nagi searches for idolatry. As […]

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Kannagi Episode 12 + 13 END – Let's wrap this one up.

Or in Jin’s case, unwrap. Ufufu… So the series is finally over (for this season anyway) and it’s been a heck of a ride. We’ve been overloaded with fun and humor for a good portion of the series, but when things finally got down to it, they hit us hard with a bunch of drama […]

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Musings in Anime Music (17): Kannagi OP Arrangement


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Kannagi Episode 11 – Why so serious?

Are they supposed to be scared or excited? Looks like they’ve decided to cut down on the comedy and get on with the story since we’re coming up on the end of the season. The transition was a bit rough, but it was probably necessary given the short amount of time left. Regardless, we’re finally […]

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Kannagi Episode 10 – Are we still in the right show?

Probably what most people thought when the episode first started. Assuming they’ve watched Lucky Star of course. This week’s Kannagi treats us to a delightful karaoke episode starring the “all-star” cast, as Akiba would say. The episode starts off very similar to the karaoke endings of Lucky Star, however that’s not all that’s not all […]

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Kannagi Episode 9 – Great Misunderstandings

After the events of the previous episode, things escalate even further when Tsugumi accidentally starts a rumor within the school about Jin and Daitetsu’s “relationship”.

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Kannagi Episode 8 – Wrath of the Gods

In this episode, we are treated with a generous amount of Nagi fanservice as well as some more appearances of this “other Nagi”. Daitetsu also becomes enemies with Nagi after a series of unfortunate events. P.S. I am writing this post even though I’m really exhausted from work and school so excuse me for any […]

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