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Kanokon Episode 12 (END) With Final Thoughts

And the harem lives happily ever after. The end. Well we all knew a silly and really “meh” ending was coming because that’s how these shows always end. There was less ecchi this time, but that is uh, somewhat made up for by the DVD extra releases that also came out. More on that at […]

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Kanokon 10-11- How Not To Use Band-Aids

Bad Nozomu! For time constraint reasons and the fact that I’m out of town on my laptop for a family gathering, my posting time has been limited this week. What time I had I needed to update the Summer Preview and my Geass post of the week. So episode 10 of Kanokon got scrapped and […]

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Kanokon Episode 9- Cake, Caaaaaaaaake

Kudos to you, producers of Kanokon, you have managed to bring back all the things I love about this show in one episode and make up for the last couple of meh episodes. In fact, you managed to show stuff even more inappropriate for television than ever before, continually finding a new line to cross. […]

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Kanokon Episode 8- MILF Attack

I have managed to tear myself away from the recently released PC version of Mass Effect long enough to write this entry. Part of the problem was the fact that this episode wasn’t particularly exciting, titillating or interesting. It merely gave me a reaction of meh. Thankfully next week’s episode (which has already aired) promises […]

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Kanokon Episode 6- I Forgot My School Swimsuit

Looking good there Chizuru I was recently reminded that this show airs at 10:30am on Saturday mornings in Japan. No wonder it’s become like the #1 show for like 10 year olds, I mean holy crap if I could have watched this instead of Captain Planet when I was 10 I certainly would have. I’d […]

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Kanokon Episode 5- Battle Furries

Trap battlin animu! Extended combat sequences, glomping only existing for 10 percent of the show? What the hell show have I fallen into?! This week wolf-niisan comes and starts some trouble, and some sort of plot exists. However, somehow it’s not entirely horrid, it’s actually quite survivable.

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Kanokon 4- Cosplay Madness

Nurse me The “plot” this week involves Chizuru putting on a cursed bunny girl outfit that is the spirit of some sort of man-hating cosplay demon. It really didn’t make much sense but the result is your standard transforming outfits episode, which had its funny moments. The sexual fanservice was toned down to a degree […]

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Kanokon 3- You're The Man Kouta

I really don’t think there is a clever caption that would add to this scene Going through the first two-thirds of this episode you’d wonder, “hey this is like some sort of cheesy lovecom show or a parody of such.” Well at some point the show forays into a minute of attempted plot and then […]

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Kanokon 2- See that line over there? Yeah, we passed it awhile back

Unless it’s a sexy fox spirit, then it’s ok. I have to say, I haven’t laughed so hard during an episode of anime in quite awhile. They went so far beyond the normal line of common decency that I just couldn’t help but be giddy. Anyways, as promised last week, this episode introduces the deadpan […]

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Kanokon 1- Yes, This Will Do Nicely

I’m allowed one guilty pleasure per season, right? Well this was one of the shows I was waiting for this season, because I’m not exactly shy when it comes to my appreciation of a good fanservice lovecom romp. And as it turns out it pretty much ended up being what I expected for the first […]

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