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Kare Kano episode 26 – RAGEFINISH

I have watched the entirety of Macross 7. I have watched the entirety of To Aru Majutsu no Index. I have watched the entirety of Blue Gender. And through all of these trials I have never just quit an episode midstream. At 6 minutes and 38 seconds into this final episode of Kare Kano I […]

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Kare Kano episodes 24 and 25 – Plot, Budget Cutting…Then Suddenly, Yuri

Aside from some more budget conserving recap segments, this week’s pair of episodes started off like any other ones. The characters are preparing for the upcoming festival and we confront some internal thoughts among them, this time primarily with Yukino at the start. Things continue onwards like any other enjoyable episode of Kare Kano. Then…something. […]

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Kare Kano episodes 22 and 23 – Back to Normal?

The ’14 Days’ arc continues the run up to the Cultural Festival and the characters’ preparations for it. Despite the drama of the previous episodes and a bout of Arima angst this time, things mostly seem to be coming back to Earth as far as the characters having fairly normal lives. The play is coming […]

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Kare Kano episodes 20 and 21 – The Count of Monte Hokuei

Two more episodes counting down to the Culture Festival, and two episodes focuses primarily on a new character. Tonami Takefumi used to attend the feeder school for Hokuei High School years ago, but was a very different person at the time. Short, pudgy, sickly, and arrogant, he was picked on frequently until Tsubasa beat up […]

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Kare Kano episode 19 – Minimum Cultural Standard of Animation

Another episode that probably needs a post unto itself, but for very different reasons from the previous one. Kare Kano is a series known to have some, um, issues in its production, and it seems like this episode was intended precisely to save money so that the rest of the series could be funded. Paper […]

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Kare Kano episode 18 – SEX! Now That I’ve Got Your Attention…Oh Wait.

Considering the amount of important information and events of this episode (and the vastly different feel of the next one) this episode deserves its own post. Mostly Arima-centric, there are two big instances of background and development for him, and then the often absent or sidestepped in shoujo first sexual experience for both characters. Each […]

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Kare Kano episodes 16 and 17 – The Parents’ Circumstances AND Arima’s Mid-season Upgrade

Mid season upgrades: they’re not just for mecha anymore. A sidestory and a return to the plot with these two episodes, thankfully with no recaps. Summer draws to a close and as the day of Arima’s return approaches, Yukino and her family go to visit her grandfather. The same one who objected to Yukino’s father […]

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Kare Kano episodes 14 and 15 – Phoning It In

I hate recap episodes. They just feel like a cheap way of adding in another episode number and are entirely unnecessary. Viewers tend not to lose track of things to the point where they need more than a moment of reminder or flashback. No matter how much I enjoy the original events, having them fed […]

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Kare Kano episodes 12 and 13 – Tsubasa Chronicles

After an intense and thorough recap the show continues on right after Tsubasa having run away to Yukino’s house in an effort to stop her dad from remarrying. Captain Tsubaki shows up to try and take her childish friend back, but Tsubasa is firmly latched onto her new hosts and Yukino ends up having to […]

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Kare Kano episodes 10 and 11 – Decapitation Strategy

Kare Kano’s version of the Gryps Conflict comes to a conclusion this week as the forces of True Love and Friendship have managed to rally popular support and new allies without expanding the conflict to include Arima. Several major changes in the situation allow Yukino to defeat one enemy while parrying the attacks of another, […]

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