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Kure-nai OVA Episode 1 – Back in action, kind of…

I was pleasantly surprised to see Kure-nai getting an OVA special since I enjoyed watching it when it was previously animated. Jumping into this first episode, it was easy to see some major differences right away.

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Manga Fan-translation: Nekomimi Murasaki vs Tsundere Ginko

I stole the scans off of a Chinese forum, translated it and removed their credits. Also, the title to this post is a lie. I’m a bad, bad man. Note: You can get a higher resolution version of all the images in this post by clicking on them. Hope all you animal ear fans and […]

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Kure-nai Episode 12 END – The Things We Fight For.

IT’S OVER! And what a finale it was. The conclusion was a bit unexpected for me, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense for them to have such an ending. I’m wondering how other people feel about the series now that it’s over. I for one have enjoyed it since […]

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Kure-nai Episode 11 – Into the Lion's Den

Lulz. Accepting humorous parody quotes here yet again since I’m not creative enough on my own. -.- Sorry everyone for the late post on this. Subs for this episode was a bit later than usual and with work and all, this was the soonest I could get this out. Episode 11 has Shinkurou, Benika, and […]

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Kure-nai Episode 10 – Acceptance

As with most dramas, there comes an episode where all the main character does is sits around and beats him/herself up for being utterly useless. We apparently like to call these “emo” episodes and this episode certainly comes close to being one. Due to Shinkurou’s behavior of hiding his feelings towards everyone close to him […]

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Kure-nai Episode 9 – Farewell

Shikurou finally learns the truth about Murasaki and the Kuhouins from Benika. Shinkurou has vowed to protect Murasaki, but despite his efforts he simply cannot overcome the strength of the Kuhouins.

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Kure-nai Episode 8 – Childhood Memories

The plot develops further as Murasaki and the gang go to celebrate Shichi-Go-San at a small shrine nearby. The Kuhouins approach further on Samidare apartment to the point where Shinkurou and Murasaki will have to flee. Much of this episode revolved around Murasaki and Shichi-Go-San (basically a holiday for young children) so I won’t go […]

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Kure-nai Episode 7 – Men and Women

Picking up from last week, we’re starting to see some progress in the main story again despite this being a Tamaki centered episode. Next episode will probably bring in more of the main plot as things seem to be put in to motion. This episode was a character episode for Tamaki as we got to […]

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Kure-nai Episode 6 – Kure-nai the Musical

Boy was I fooled by last week’s preview. Just when you though it was going to get serious, the whole cast busts into song and dance (literally). This week, the whole apartment practice for a musical play that they were asked to participate in. Yuuno and Yayoi get dragged into the mess as well.

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Kure-nai Episode 5 – Sunday Family Day

Shinkurou and Murasaki head over to Yuuno’s family’s home (the Houzukis) so Shinkurou can get some martial arts practice that he hasn’t had in a while. More of Murasaki’s stubbornness is shown while attempting to socialize with Yuuno’s little sister Chizuru. Murasaki is also showing more of how she is a naive and influential little […]

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