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Natsuyuki Rendezvous episodes 01-03: Mai Dead Husbando Can’t Be This Cute…

…and by ‘Cute’, I mean ‘Annoying’. While the angsty, serial-plant-buying bishie and the slow start were negatives, once you get past the first ten minutes, this new josei show from the noitaminA time-slot with its pretty art and gentle humour really grows on you. Plus, it gets bonus points for an early confession and its […]

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Rinne no Lagrange S2 – 01: Reunion

Rinne is back and I for one welcome back Maru Maru time with open arms. It seems like an eternity has passed but Rinne seems to be back on course to brighten up my day. The boys from DeMetrio are now Madoka’s lackeys, and they seem to be most happy and content working for Hiroshi. […]

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Aquarion EVOL – 26 (Final): For the Love of Fudo

All things must come to an end and while the end was far from neat and tidy it did end well enough in that Mikage did get his just rewards for being a bastard. Amata and Mikono are the end couple, granted there just wasn’t much of a shot for Zessica after the bodyjack but […]

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Haiyore! Nyaruko-san – 12 (Final): Ultramaniac

I did not see this coming. I had no idea that the butler was the one behind it all. Still I guess it was inevitable that there would be another tentacle monster that had a particular fondness for eroge. They did foreshadow it only I thought Roy was a useless one off character, and to […]

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Haiyore! Nyaruko-san – 11: Sis-con

I seem to be wrong on the matter of Mahiro’s sanity points he has gone loli-con and slightly sis-con on us all though it is perfectly possible that he was a loli-con the whole entire time. Either way it does go a long way in explaining his aversion to Nyaruko and his inclination to treat […]

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Aquarion EVOL – 25: BIG FIGHT

Izumo will not be taking revenge on Mikage but his son might finally have enough anger to really take it to Kagura. The more I think about it Kagura is more like a component of Mikage’s schemes than a child that Alicia carried to term. Without Kagura Mikage probably would not have gotten far and […]

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Haiyore! Nyaruko-san – 10: The Art of Kissing

Luhy and Yoriko are still MIA but at least the Great Race of Yith are bringing on the laughs. I for one was very amused with all the Gundam jokes even the horrible reminder of the lousy jammers from Cosmic Era. We also got some political commentary and if that fellow (he knows who he […]

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Aquarion EVOL – 24: The Mayfly Reunion

So Mikage wins another one and keeps adding to his infamy with yet more ignoble deeds. If there was any question as to whether or not Mikage and Touma deserve/deserved to be forsaken by love, the answer most certainly is and unequivocal, YES. It’s sad that things did work for Touma and Apollonius but seeing […]

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Aquarion EVOL – 23: LULZ, Lies, and Cruel Fate

Well I for one did not see any of the explanations coming. I thought Touma was happily rotting away, but it seems that Apollo was really a flying dog and Touma is back because he made a grand assumption. Part of me wanted to laugh, sadly Touma is now Mikage and that fucker made out […]

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Haiyore! Nyaruko-san – 09: Back to the Yith

The madness continues as the Yith enter into the mix and use their body swapping technology for maximum comedic effect. Still it seems that Nyaruko. Kuko, and Hasuta are having a great time getting familiar with such things as megane, his and her dishes, and pajamas. Nyaruko is right to be worried about the state […]

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