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Haiyore! Nyaruko-san 6-8: The Wars of Videogame Succesion

So I was laid low by an overly long slumber due to heinous finals, Fanime obligations, and a terrible sickness but the war goes on and while the conflict will claim many san points there is a new radiant light to guide the followers of the True Gods, Luhy the patron Goddess of consoles has […]

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Space Brothers episodes 07-08: ‘Luck is what you make of it’

Mutta is feeling lucky. These two episodes represent a turning point in Mutta’s story. Presenting us with the possibility that Mutta will not pass the second round of the JAXA astronaut selection process, all of Mutta’s insecurities are brought to a head (no Zidane-ing pun intended), before being resolved in the second of these two […]

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Space Brothers episodes 05-06: Planes, Trains and Imbeciles

 Of course he hasn’t. He just really likes shampooing his hair. Daww. Yikes, sorry for being all quiet on the blogging front lately. Let’s just say it’s been an exceptionally busy past couple of months both at and outside work. Anyway, I’m back now (minus Crusader though, as he’s busy with his last finals this […]

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Aquarion EVOL – 20: Mixying it Up

Andy’s anguish continues this week as he is still unable to save Mix, as I suspected the curse of Eve is far more insidious than a merely lethal virus. So it seems that even the Iguras who survive the journey their troubles are far from over as the very air they breathe turns them into […]

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Hyouka 04: Can’t make bricks without clay

Oh Hyouka, why you so Sherlock.

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Aquarion EVOL – 19: Fate Altair-ation

When it rains it pours and as I had feared Mikage has taken dreadful notice of Zessica and made her his unwilling servant. Andy is going through a prolonged period of depression and nothing Yunoha can do seems to bring so much as a respite from the painful loss of Mix. Fudo is still out […]

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Haiyore! Nyaruko-san – 05: Claim Jumping

This may be simply another monster of the week but the Yuri is strong in this series and Kuko is now joined by another to further the cause. Kuko is really starting to become my favorite she is not only strong in the yuri but she also has a gift for shipping. I had suspected […]

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Hyouka 03: You see, but you do not observe

Of course, if I was seeing the world through technicolour lenses, I’d be having too much fun to bother with this “observing” stuff. It’s like being high and getting the associated sensory processing disorders, but without actually being high! (゚∀゚)

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Why Hyouka Sucks (But I’m Watching It Anyway)

Hyouka is a great many things – it is pretty, it is pretentious, it is trying very hard to be Haruhi 2.0. But I would not ever say that it is interesting. What else can you expect when the lead character’s primary motivation is a… very strict interpretation of the law of conservation of energy? […]

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Haiyore! Nyaruko-san – 04: A Fork in the Tale

The circle is nearly complete with Yoriko and Hasta-kun making their debuts. I approve of Nyaruko’s attempt to make her case with her future mother-in-law, unfortunately her tall tale was more prophetic than she could have imagined. Fortunately for Nyaruko and Kuuko, Yoriko the Deity Hunter is going to support them by opening up her […]

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