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Macross Frontier: Wings of Goodbye

DYRL Minmay meet your new Ranka Counterpart. Luca has sister? Cathy and Leon never got it on? Leon is more devious than Grace? Best Ranka ever losing to nerfed Sheryl? Does this condensation work and Mr. Kawamori just created the best new age hippie drug ever or is this so heavy handed that only Brera […]

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Your Completely Biased Sai Mecha Elite Eight Voting Guide and Image Dump

Make a contract with me and become a true follower of the mecha Way. -or- The Declaration of Team Real Robot. So I’ve set up and have been running Sai Mecha, the Super Dimensional Robot Tournament, for a bit now and we’ve arrived at the Elite Eight portion of the tournament. Up until now I’ve […]

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Macross Frontier TFS Henshin Gattai: Do You Remember Hime/The False Princess

With the coming of a BIG HUEG 720P or better sub it was time to gather up THAT’s very own DIAMOND FORCE to engage Macross Frontier: The False Songstress. As long-time, avid fans, one of us being part of the original SDF Macross and was there at Max and Milia’s wedding, we felt it right […]

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Objects in Space: Scale, Environment and Thematic Cinematography in the first Macross Frontier movie

The first Macross Frontier movie was damn good, on all levels. It handled all that it wished to cover exceptionally, a vast improvement over the presentation in the series for the most part. There will be several posts about it, both from my comrades and I and on other blogs, but right now, as the […]

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Musings of a Zentradi Invader: My Time Among the Middle East Miclones

Every Generation needs a few good Zentrans, this generation got stuck with the likes of me… So I finally made it back home with most of my person intact save perhaps some of my sanity but I doubt anyone would notice a slightly larger spike in my insanity. I was reminded of how two very […]

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Design a Macross Patch Competition

Crusader has a proposition for you. Much like the Crusaders of old, our blogger is engaging in some commerce while fighting in distant lands. He can get custom patches made in his current location, and here’s where you come in. Design an approximately 4 inch/10.16cm diameter Macross patch and submit your design to us. The […]

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How Kawamori Trolled Me in IRL – Round 01: Morning Musume

Sometimes life can imitate art retroactively….this is the sea story of one such incident. Well seeing as at the time of writing I have been in ordered into a short exile by my employer I might as well rant about all the bullshit I had to endure at AX from asinine panels to the underwhelming […]

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Heer and Now (2nd Anniversary Plus Some of Slaving Away for Impz) Plus Image Dump

Ah memories… Well about two months ago back in April I should have marked my 2nd blog anniversary but things have not really been normal to say the least. Well I suppose that this post will at least mark the start of my terrible twos in which case quality will plummet as will output (Mwahahahaha). […]

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On Courtship: The Legend of the Galactic Suitors

Designation: Liberty Prime. Mission: the Liberation of Mankind from Tanuki Propaganda. Primary Targets: Any and All Red Japanese Harem Leads. Emergency Communist Acquisition Directive: Immediate Self Destruct. Better Dead than Red. While it has been some time since I last wrote on this subject it was Stripey’s heinous Jominian efforts to spread a spate of […]

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My Christmas Wishlist and Early Christmas Image Dump of Questionable Quality

We will be tracking your sleigh that night… Now that the Nyquil (I caught something fierce while busting my ass to clean the apartment) has worn off a bit and I am not about to pass out, it’s almost that time of year again. Soon it will be Christmas, and even if times are tough […]

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