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An Ode to This Glorious Year of Yuri

The dream that will come true someday (Becomes) a mere unheard whisper That is lost within the light  shone by the night Soon enough, her eyes will open  if it is fate At least  yes, only now… So with this year about to conclude it is worth mentioning what a glorious year of Yuri it […]

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Heer and Now (2nd Anniversary Plus Some of Slaving Away for Impz) Plus Image Dump

Ah memories… Well about two months ago back in April I should have marked my 2nd blog anniversary but things have not really been normal to say the least. Well I suppose that this post will at least mark the start of my terrible twos in which case quality will plummet as will output (Mwahahahaha). […]

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Maria+Holic Poll Results and Commentary

Delicious new Megami scan The results are in, and I’m sure you’ll be really surprised at who the #1 was. Let’s ignore the fact that the results are shown at all times on the sidebar while the poll is still up…

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Maria+Holic, Episode 12 (END)- I Think I've Had Dreams Like This

And so unfortunately we must draw this chapter of Maria+Holic to an end. But what a splendid end it was, complete with school swimsuits, loincloths, exposed breasts, and perverted dreams. What more could you ask for?

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Maria+Holic, Episode 11- God Defeats Priest

Unfortunately this brings us to the penultimate episode of Maria+Holic. On the other hand it was blessedly hilarious and somewhat insulting to Catholic priests (something I don’t really have a problem with~). Of course it shouldn’t be too unusual that a Catholic priest would go for an underage male right?! Hohohoho.

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Maria+Holic, Episode 10- Civics for Perverts

After some childish antics, we finally get to this week’s release. There was much rejoicing. Did you know that “defenestrate” means to throw something or someone out of a window? I didn’t until I watched this episode.

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Maria+Holic, Episode 9- Button Explosion

It was a delicious pink This week we further explore the depths of Kanako’s wonderful deviancy and corruption as we find out what she spends her free time bleeding into or on. Oh yeah, and Ayari gets exposed to the world, and they are quite good. As a side note, the Spring Preview is pretty […]

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Maria+Holic, Episode 8- Drill Baby Drill

Ahhh, she sparkles Back this week with less angsty slice-of-life and more perverted Kanako antics. Plus, a healthy dose of Ayari, and she’s quite sparkly~ Just kind of gloss over the lessons on Christianity.

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Maria+Holic, Episode 7- A Lack of Mariya Service

First things first, getting a good response rate on the poll so far. I’m also very happy that the plurality of our readers are as depraved and broken as I am in choosing Mariya for your favorite “girl” on this show. This despite the fact of his reduced screen time as of late. Soldier on […]

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Maria+Holic, Episode 6- A False Idol

NEW POLL IS UP! In an ever increasing effort to confuse my sexuality, this week we are introduced to Shizu. In the meantime there are lots and lots of breasts, bras, and panties all around. And of course, corresponding nosebleeds.

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