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Nabari no Ou 04: Ordered Mission

Hahaha fangirls! This one is for ME! I continue to be impressed. This time it’s not by crazy fighting shenanigans, but by the subtleties in the story telling. It’s hawt shiz! Hah! Did you think I was gonna go all serious and stuff? For those worried about the future of Nabari posts, never fear…I’ll continue […]

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Nabari no Ou 03: Assault

For the Fangirls. And Impz…he likes guys too. Holy shit. In one episode, Nabari no Ou has instantly grabbed my top spot for the week so far. I don’t even think Soul Eater’s third episode is going to be able to top this one. To describe it in one word: Intense. I was going to […]

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Nabari no Ou 02: Raimei Arrives

  Hahaha! LOL…yeah! Fag. Nabari no Ou entries are not going to be of epic proportions (yet). Due to some “complications” I guess I’ll be handling Nabari mostly by myself. This wasn’t the planned idea, so you’ll have to give me a week or two to redo my mindset and get this series kicked into […]

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Nabari no Ou Episode 01

More like Nabari no PIMP. That’s right, the PIMP of Nabari. Let’s just go ahead and start this out right by saying that I am automatically going to be biased in every way possible in regards to this show. Hell, the ED wasn’t anything special, but I’m gonna say it rocked anyway. If that doesn’t […]

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