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Natsume’s Book of Friends s.4: Feelings vs. Duty in the Exorcists’ World

How different Nanase’s decisions are to those of Reiko, Takashi and Natori… In last week’s episode (no. 8), we were teased with the promise of Reiko’s appearance, but, in the end, we were left wanting and shown how powerful even her off-screen presence can be. Rather, that episode focusses on another female figure, as does […]

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The defense of Taichi – It’s me against the world!

Blasphemy! DFCs and small breasts rule the world! Chihaya!!!!! I’m a new writer in THAT. My nickname is Impz. I am going to write a single post about how I love a random anime and then I will disappear into thin ash like the thousands of defunct bloggers in the blogosphere ahead of me. Of […]

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Natsume’s Book of Friends s.4: Fear and Loathing in Natsume

T_T This post is largely about the latest episode to air, episode 4, of the fourth and current season of Natsume’s Book of Friends, but contains light spoilers for the previous seasons. It’s a stand alone episode focussing mainly on the story of one youkai, one of the many who have encountered Natsume to date, […]

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(Belated) Secret Santa Anime: Strike Witches

Every year Reverse Thieves runs an Anime Secret Santa deal. You sign a contract to become a magical girl and you’re anonymously given another blogger to recommend three shows to based on what you think they’d like (that they haven’t seen.) Everyone is paired up this way, and it’s a lot of fun both to […]

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Aniblogger Testimony – Dressing down while dressing up… (on Beneath the Tangles)

Hello, something a little different from me today. Recently, a very nice man called Charles asked me about my own experiences of being an anime fan. This lead me to make a guest post on Beneath the Tangles, a wonderful blog that explores the connection between anime and Christian and spiritual themes. So, if you’re interested, […]

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A Year in Anime 2011: Hana’s Highlights

A year worth celebrating, ne? Um, so, I was too late to get in on the Secret Santa project or to jump on the Twelve Days of Christmas rollercoaster, the various fruits of which many of us have been enjoying this past month. However, I still wanted to do something to mark the end of […]

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Of Christmas Loot, Random Thoughts, and Ugly Christmas Attire

Another year and another Christmas passes by. Still I hope everyone had a Happy Holidays and aren’t wanting for food or shelter. While much will be said about how Christmas is Jesus’ really late birthday, how this part of the season is all about family, and in anime how this time of year is wonderful […]

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Kimi to Boku: Treasuring the Everyday

Shun, the flâneur… Basically, this season, in addition to the awesome Chihayafuru and the not-so-awesome-but-pretty-intriguing-so-I’ll-carry-on-watching-it-anyway Un-Go, I’m watching this. ‘This’ being a laid-back, slice-of-life comedy series centering on a group of four male friends (plus a couple of strays they pick up along the way) who have known each other since preschool and the experiences […]

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Over and Over…

Recently I came across this blog post by omo, where he spoke of, interestingly enough, “cliché complaints”. He tied this into Guilty Crown, but I’d like to take a different direction first. What makes a complaint cliché? Well when I generally think of something that’s “cliché”, I generally think of something that has ceased to […]

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Guilty Crown One-Sided Fanservice

Some people have complained that Guilty Crown failed to live up to their expectations. Well that’s their fault for having any to begin with, right? Okay, so the plot and characters are anywhere from laughable to generic, but it’s pretty, at least. Though there is something that just seems a little… off about it, so […]

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