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Aniblogger Testimony – Dressing down while dressing up… (on Beneath the Tangles)

Hello, something a little different from me today. Recently, a very nice man called Charles asked me about my own experiences of being an anime fan. This lead me to make a guest post on Beneath the Tangles, a wonderful blog that explores the connection between anime and Christian and spiritual themes. So, if you’re interested, […]

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In Which I Discuss Various Musics, and Arrange Them by Their Virtue

2011 has been a pretty stand up year for anime, all told (despite what the declinists would have you believe). Especially as far as soundtracks go there was quite the selection, and while I couldn’t possibly listen to everything, I did listen to some of it. A lot. These are those soundtracks.

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Macross Frontier: Wings of Goodbye

DYRL Minmay meet your new Ranka Counterpart. Luca has sister? Cathy and Leon never got it on? Leon is more devious than Grace? Best Ranka ever losing to nerfed Sheryl? Does this condensation work and Mr. Kawamori just created the best new age hippie drug ever or is this so heavy handed that only Brera […]

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Sai Mecha: Bracketology Contest

Promo video courtesy of Tronulax from Anime New Modality. Zeta/Mk II got mixed up but the video’s awesome. -EO As part of ExecutiveOtaku’s contract with THAT I am obligated to provide some commentary on the Sai Mecha Tournament. Granted it’s a really small tournament and maybe one day it will grow into something more, but […]

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Getting Older in the Merry Month of May

Well it seems that I have been punching keys at THAT for three plus years, since I am very late with this post, still blog birthdays (and a real birthday this week, though not the same as Willie Mays’ sadly…) are still worth posting about if only so that I can count how many of […]

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Interstellar Flight: Watching Anime with Fellow Fans over the Internet

My anime and manga hobby is too, a social activity. It isn’t quite enough for me to watch a show by myself and be content to enjoy it by myself then move to the next one. I derive a lot of gratification sharing the experience with others. It is why blogging is so enjoyable for […]

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Koumajou Densetsu II: Professional Seiyuu on a Doujin Game? Hell Yes.

Eri Kitamura, Satomi Sato, Aya Endo, Rina Sato, Miyuki Sawashiro, Haruka Tomatsu. Yes, these are all top notch Seiyuu. Yes, they are ALL in Koumajou Densetsu II: Stranger’s Requiem. How did the creators of the game, Frontier Aja, manage to get all of them on board? We’ll never really know. All that matters is that […]

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A Very, Very Late Look at Some of C78’s Music Pickings – Part 1 Out of Who Knows…

If I actually listened to everything from C78, this would be my position for… a very long time. Let me say that I’m a BIG Doujin music fan. I can’t say I’m more than that, because I certainly don’t prioritize that above anything else, but listening to Doujin music is definitely pretty high on my […]

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My Genshiken

My Genshiken is real. It exists. It can’t replicate it in meatspace, thought it can come pretty close. But my Genshiken is indeed real. You might even be part of it.

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Idiosyncrasies and Eccentricities in Viewing and Reading Habits

Some people have certain rituals or manipulate their environment to create the best experience watching anime. I’m not talking about this at all. I use the same computer for work, play, reading manga, watching anime, and writing blog posts. So the only thing that’s probably peculiar is how interruptable I am. By this I mean […]

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